October 8, 2010 - Moss Passed to Minnesota

randy moss to vikings
Short Story: Randy Moss + Brett Favre + Minnesota = Vikings football 2010 OR the cast of Fargo 2.
Long Story: It's time to party like it's 1999! Well, at least it feels that way, because Minnesota hasn't been this popular since native son Prince had his hit song "1999" on top of the charts. Not only are the Twins (down 0-2 to the Yankees, but still) in the playoffs again, but Brett Favre is the quarterback of the football team for the 2nd year, and now, it seems Randy Moss is really coming back to town. The star wide receiver, who spent the beginning of his career with the Vikings before moving on to the Raiders and Patriots, was traded back to the Twin Cities this weekend and hopes to rekindle the excitement that the team had back at the start of his career when they once romped through the regular season at 15-1. Although, to be fair, as long as he keeps getting paid, I don't think Randy really cares all that much about how well the team performs.

randy moss
legbamel asks…
Q: If wishes were horses, wouldn't beggars sell them and get somewhere to live and maybe some food?
Short A:If wishes were horses, then would everyone wish upon a horse?
Long A: I believe the saying you are referring to is "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Well, let's all be brutally honest here. We have no idea what that means, but I guess it is supposed to teach us that it is useless to wish for anything. Of course, a young cricket also once taught us that "When you wish upon a star..." all your wildest dreams will come true, or you will end up in DisneyWorld somehow, which really made the wish sound like a viable and desirable alternative to hard work. So, with those conflicting pieces of wisdom in mind, to answer your question, I guess if wishes were horses, then this world would be significantly overpopulated with horses, and the group primarily responsible for the overpopulation would probably be the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
fastest soccer goal
I don't see why this guy wouldn't just do this move every time.
lion trainer attacked
You get into a cage with a bunch of lions, it's more of a miracle if you don't get attacked.
chinese dissident wins nobel prize
Sure, you won the Nobel Peace Prize, but what good is it if China denounces it? Right? That's what you get for being a dissident.
marathon cheaters
Which ones are really the crazy ones? The ones that run 26.2 miles for fun, or the ones that enter a marathon, then cheat?
gap changes logo
Maybe Gap just felt that it's brand was too recognizable? Or they were making too much money?

This Randy Moss Patriots bobblehead is now officially outdated, making it a collector's item, I guess.

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