DIGITAL scavenger HUNT

I know a lot of you probably thought Konway couldn't pull it off. Well, this should prove all you haters wrong once and for all...or for a day or two.
1. Concrete - Those flowers are trapped in a sea of concrete. How artistic!

2. Energy - No one brings the energy like the bucket boys. I need to tryout...

3. Lost (trapped kid) - I guess all kids are trapped in some respects. They lack the freedom to do all the crazy unsafe stuff that they wish they could do because they don't know any better. I guess that's a good thing.

4. Dance - So you think you can dance? Well, you can't.

5. Autumn - Most of the time, it looks a lot prettier than it feels.

6. Smile - I don't care how they really feel, girls always smile for a picture.

7. Confusion - Really, being a baby has got to be ridiculously confusing.

8. Funny - There is a fine line between humor and stupidity. Very fine.

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  1. LOL!!! Awesome job, Konway! I knew you'd do it. Otherwise you would have had to deal with me. Or Freaky. That's no fun! :P


  2. Wonderful pictures! Very vivid some of them.
    Day by day you become more expert in the art of photography. smiles
    Well done!


    I think the real Konnie is somewhere among these photos, I'd even bet. :P

  3. Very nicely done Konnie.

    I have a feeling you are in the pic for "Funny" . . .

  4. LOL - I just realized that you used trapped kid. I accidentally left that in the themes (as part of my list of photos!) - I didn't mean you had to use a trapped kid. LOL!!!! But your photo definitely works! SORRY ABOUT THAT!!!

  5. Do you guys really think I would put myself in one of these pictures?
    Also, I liked the "trapped kid" theme better than "lost" so I used one that I thought fit BOTH!

  6. Konnie is in "smile", you can just see his head peeking up over the back seat.

    This is good Konnie... real good... but it's no FreakSmack

  7. It's MegaKonway vs Giant FreakSmack... or is it FreaKonwtopus?

    and clearly Konnie you are second bucket boy from left.

  8. This is really good, however, I gave Freaksmack an awesome. You did ask (at BC)

  9. Hi Konway =)
    Cool photos! I liked your depiction and description of "funny" and "lost" --Also I think it's you in the blue shirt in "dance"

  10. Great pictures - and love your comments too!

  11. Funny... is funny! I love your captions and dry sense of humor. LOL at Antonia with "trapped kid" ;)


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