October 7, 2010 - A Halladay from Baseball Abuse

roy halladay playoff no hitter
Short Story: It's still not very much fun being a Cincinnati Reds fan.
Long Story: The Cincinnati Reds haven't been to the playoffs since 1995, when they were swept out in the first round. If things keep going this way, well, maybe they'll just stay home from now on. Yesterday, they became victims of the 2nd no-hitter in baseball's long and storied playoff history, courtesy of Roy Halladay's 2nd no-hitter of the season. So, even as Cliff Lee, the pitcher the Phillies traded in order to pick up Halladay, pitched his own playoff gem in Tampa Bay, Philadelphia has to be happy with the $80 million they gave Big Roy in the offseason, and you just know that Halladay, who came from Toronto, must really be enjoying his move to the States, because, I mean, even without the no-hitters, playoff glory and millions of dollars, it's gotta feel so good to get out of Canada.

baseball postseason
awesomelissababy asks…
Q: What could you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
Short A: What do you mean if I couldn't fail? I've always been told failure is not an option. Are you now telling me it is an option? I'm freaking out!
Long A: I'm just going to assume that this would be something where I get just one wish, and only one wish. If I could pick one thing to do where I knew I couldn't fail, I guess my first instincts would be to save that ability up for a big lottery ticket. Although, I guess if someone had a sense of humor, they would say that I succeeded in playing the lottery, even if I didn't win. I guess that would really apply to anything, so let me just make it clear to whoever is granting this wish that I have very high standards for success. So, with that in mind, if I was getting a little more creative, I would either choose to race a horse in the Kentucky Derby...as a jockey, or I would try out for an NBA team, or I would try out for American Idol. As a rather average-sized dude who can't sing to save his life, I would think all three of these would make for a great Cinderella story, and my story would eventually be sold for the movie rights, where I would probably have to play myself...and that would be pretty cool.
cigar guy
If you haven't heard of "cigar guy" by now, well, where have you been? Apparently, this guy has been everywhere this year!
football players too big
Hey guys, it's not the size of the dog in the fight…but, sometimes it is. You know what they say in football: safety first.
espn the mag body issue
Be warned: this involves mostly-naked pictures of famous athletes. I guess it's supposed to be beautiful, but in a lot of ways, it seems kinda…gross?
firefighters let home burn
Just a reminder, don't forget to tip your local firefighters…or at least send a Christmas card.
christine o'donnell behind in the polls
How is this possible? Didn't you guys hear what she said? She's NOT a witch! NOT!

Ughhhhh, if baseball isn't the last thing you want to hear about, then the Yankees probably are. Well, there's finally a non-Yankee with a postseason no-hitter, but don't tell that to Yankees fan. It would ruin this stupid DVD for them.

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