October 30-31 - fresh weekend SCARY ANIMALS knowledge

It's Halloween weekend, so we're discussing scary stuff over here at wc,t. What are the world's scariest animals? Well, here's the OFFICIAL verdict...click on the links at your own risk!
You know why spiders are scary? Yeah, me neither. The mystery of it all only makes them scarier. The hairy ones are especially scary. Why do spiders need hair?
Really? Who needs 100 legs? What are you using all those legs for? Ever thought of just getting two normal-sized legs?
Mooses? Meese? Meeses? The inability to pluralize this animal in a consistent manner coupled with their deceptively large size and violent nature makes them all the more frightening.
Sure, monkeys are hilarious, and almost bizarrely human-like at times, but beneath that friendly exterior is a savage beast ready to maim.
Those freaky little heads perched atop those long necks stemming from the plump feathered body give me nightmares.
If you ask me, anything with tentacles is frightening. Add suction cups to those tentacles extending from that blob of a head, and we've got real issues.
I can deal with snakes. They are just like big worms...until you get to the cobra...and the crazy wings on its head. Just imagine if there were such a thing as a cobra worm. That would be the scariest thing ever.
Fish don't need whiskers! It doesn't make any sense. I'd rather wrestle a shark than come face to face with one of those super-gigantic catfish.
hairless dog
Didn't you get the memo??? Dogs are supposed to have hair. Once you have it, you can shed it constantly, but for a dog to never have hair in the first place is just insane!
komodo dragon
I am pretty sure these things are a direct descendant of dinosaurs. True or not, I don't mess with anything called a dragon...especially if it is a gigantic lizard creature that has been known to kill humans.

deray28 says scorpions...
I'm a Scorpio, but I don't trust anything with a stinger and pincher claws!
hatingtherain says horses...
Known more for running then attacking, but I'm still confused as to why these large beasts have human teeth. Seems suspect...
urikalish says isopods...
Isopod sounds harmless...and then you take a look at one. It looks like a creature invented by the devil himself.


  1. Centipedes suck!!! #justsaying :P
    And that picture is creepy!

  2. Damn it, I don't know why I didn't think of this one when you were making the list:


  3. I had to vote for spiders. They freak me out whenever I see them, even the little ones. Pathetic, I know, but true. Still, those big ass centipedes are frickin' horrifying. So glad we don't have them in Iowa. (shudder)

  4. Definitely chimpanzees.....those powerful, cheap-shotting bastards.

    Janene: I live on a farm in Iowa and I must say..... I have seen my share of huge centipedes.


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