October 29, 2010 - Big Loss for Notre Dame Football

notre dame student death
Really Short Story: Notre Dame football might be even worse off than their record indicates.
Short Story: It's been a tough year for Notre Dame football. If we're really being honest, it's been a tough couple of decades. So, maybe that explains why they sent some undergrad student up in an unstable contraption to film their practice despite absurdly windy conditions which ultimately knocked the structure over, killing the young man in the process. The kid, Declan Sullivan, was actually tweeting about the scary conditions as he sat filming the process, but apparently no one else thought twice about it. I don't know, but I have to believe if Notre Dame was still a real football program, they never would have sent the kid up there in the first place.
Richard Dreyfuss
October 29, 2010: Richard Dreyfuss Day! - What about Richard Dreyfuss?!
WHY?: Richard Dreyfuss was actually born as Richard Dreyfus. I guess the extra s at the end of his name can be credited for most of his success. He got his start as a 26 year-old playing a teenager in American Graffiti, he then starred alongside a giant mechanical shark in Jaws, and later created a beautiful opus for his deaf son in Mr. Holland's Opus. Personally, I'll always remember the guy as the nutcase psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin, who couldn't stand Bill Murray in What About Bob?, but that's just me. Supposedly, Dreyfuss suffers from bipolar disorder. Like your typical actor, he has been married three times, and he once sued his elderly father and uncle for an $870,000 loan that they never repaid him.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
Jenny McCarthy - Former Playmate of the Year turned annoying TV star turned anti-science activist.
Rick Allen - This dude from the band Def Leppard is arguably the most famous one-armed drummer of all time!
Coco Crisp - Also known as Covelli Loyce Crisp...maybe this nickname isn't so silly when you consider his real name.

11/1 POTD Poll!
high school announcer meltdown
Some people take high school sports and Boston accents way too seriously.
karl rove rips sarah palin
I guess this is kinda like if Kim Jong-Il ripped Osama bin-Laden for not being evil enough.
driverless car trip
I guess they now make really big remote control cars.
best places in america to move
Need a fresh start? Yeah, me too. Change your name, and move to one of these cities. I'll see you there.
charlie chaplin time traveler
Supposedly, some time traveler appears in a Charlie Chaplin film using a cell phone. With the quality and clarity of those films, it's really hard to argue.

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