October 28, 2010 - The Daily Sh-Obama

obama on daily show
Really Short Story: President Barack faces the media! Well, kinda, right?
Short Story: We all know that Mr. Barack Obama hasn't had the easiest time in his first two years as our nation's leader. We also know that there are a lot of people out there who are probably enjoying that fact a little too much. However, Mr. Jon Stewart, humorous and openly liberal-leaning talk show host extraordinaire, is certainly not one of them. However, as he hosted the first sitting President to ever visit his Daily Show in the lead-up to his huge sanity-restoration rally in our nation's capital this weekend, he didn't go easy on our Commander-In-Chief, and let the Big O know how he has been less-than-impressed with the administration thus far. However, it should be noted that Stewart failed to ask the real hard-hitting questions like how did Obama even get into this country, and why he pretends not to be a Muslim.
jonas salk
October 28, 2010: jonas salk Day! - You might be in an iron lung right now if not for him!
WHY?: You would never know it, but back in the day, like 60-70 years back, polio wasn't just the name of a popular type of shirt. It was one of the most deadly and frightening diseases in the United States. It was the only thing that could end the Presidential term of Franklin Roosevelt. It necessitated the invention of the iron lung. Well, a young scientist named Jonas Salk hated the iron lung, and thought that he should just go ahead and cure polio, rather than making people sit in a gigantic iron contraption. Salk actually did have a day named after him on May 6, 1985. Unfortunately, he died in 1995, so he won't be able to enjoy this honor on wc,t, but we can still honor him, and the next time you remember how we don't have polio, take a moment and thank Jonas Salk.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
richard dreyfuss - You know Mr. Holland's Opus? Well, he was Mr. Holland!
winona ryder - All I can think of when I see Winona Ryder is retail theft and Beetle Juice.
travis henry - The (former?) NFL player that has 11 kids with 10 different women.

10/29 POTD POLL!
brain put on display
To be fair, it was kept in a morgue, so it was only on display to people who were visiting a morgue to begin with.
woman spanked at work
I'd be willing to be spanked at work for far less than $1.4 million.
rand paul supporter violence
Well, the Tea Party has never really said that they don't promote violence.
nuns sell baseball card
These nuns must be really old to have an original Honus Wagner baseball card.
balloon boys dad invents back scratcher
The only thing I would trust this guy to produce is a media scam. I wouldn't even let him scratch my back personally.

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