October 27, 2010 - Heat Debut Not So Hot

lebron james debut with heat
Really Short Story: I guess this proves once and for all that Lebron is a jerk!
Short Story: Well, so much for the 82-0 predictions that a lot of people made when Chris Bosh, Lebron James and Zydrunas Ilgauskas all joined Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat during the offseason. The Heat fell to the defending Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics last night as the NBA season opened, despite 31 points from The King himself. Cavs fans were especially happy to see this result, until they remembered that their team still sucks even more, and, oh yeah, they still have to live in Cleveland.
Dick Trickle
October 27, 2010: Dick Trickle Day! - The man, the myth, the legendary name.
WHY?: Born Richard Trickle, somewhere in his life, someone decided that he should be referred to as "Dick," and thus one of the most amusing names in the sporting history of America was born (if you consider auto racing a sport, that is.) Even if you don't, it's still an awesome name. However, legend has it that Tricky Dick Trickle raced over 1 million laps in his career in various different racing associations, including NASCAR, and won over 1,000 races. He turns 69 today, but if he breaks his hip in old age, it won't be anything new. He actually did it when he was 8 years old as a boy in Wisconsin. Now, I'm not sure how good of a racer he is generally considered, but I also don't really care. With a name like Dick Trickle, he will surely have millions of young fans across the country as long as his name is uttered.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
Julia Roberts - I think Roy Orbison wrote a song about her. That's quite the tribute!
Joaquin Phoenix - Awesome actor turned crazy person who was actually just an awesome actor playing a crazy person.
Jonas Salk - This dude like cured polio! FDR would still be the President if he had invented it sooner.

10/28 POTD POLL!
group of ninjas go on trial
Well, they dressed as ninjas and killed a couple that cared for special-needs children. Not cool.
charlie sheen hospitalized
Apparently, Charlie Sheen is unstable…which most of us have known since he starred in Hot Shots! Part Deux.
psychic octopus dies
I wonder if he predicted his own demise.
dem refuses obama endorsement
Well, he actually told Obama to "shove" the endorsement he never actually got in the first place. I imagine Obama will oblige him.
new nike lebron ad
This ad got me all pumped up for Lebron. I swear those Nike marketing guys could make me like Sarah Palin.

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