October 26, 2010 - Energetic Alcoholism

alcoholic energy drink concerns
Short Story: College kids can't be trusted to use sound judgment while drinking.
Long Story: If alcoholic energy drink sounds a little oxymoronic, that's probably because it should. You're not supposed to drink a bunch of alcohol to get drunk and then have a lot of energy. You're supposed to drink a bunch of alcohol to get drunk, and act stupid until you eventually pass out. Well, it seems some college kids across America have recently discovered that they have more fun when they aren't black-out drunk from 2 beer bongs and 8 shots of rum before they go out for the night. Instead, with the help of the aforementioned alcoholic energy drinks, they can get the caffeine boost of a Red Bull with the alcohol kick of malt liquor...oh, and the hospital trip of a handle of vodka. Well, needless to say, people like parents, adults, the media, the news, politicians and the government are trying to rain on the parade of this new phenomenon!
hillary clinton
October 26, 2010: hillary clinton Day! - Bringing sexy back…to politics!
WHY?: Formerly known as Hillary Rodham, she married one of the coolest dudes in the entire world, and used him for everything he's worth until she almost became the first female President of the United States of America. Instead, she settled for the position of Secretary of State. Some people think that Hillary let Bill walk all over her during their marriage, but you can't exactly hold down a smooth operator like Bill Clinton, and Hill nearly got to the top seat in the land as a part of their 1975 power deal. She has reinvented the pant suit. She has served as first lady of Arkansas and the United States, and many argue that she was the brains behind both of those operations. Her only daughter, Chelsea, was recently wed in a much-discussed wedding, but if you're like me, you're hoping that one day Hillary leaves Bill and hits the open market again, because if you love powerful women, well, there's no one better than Hill...

TOMORROW'S contenders:
theodore roosevelt - He walked softly with a big stick…or something like that.
dick trickle - How has he not received any endorsements for prostate conditions?
kelly osbourne - Ozzy's not-so-chubby-any more daughter.

10/27 POTD POLL!
ocean front cabin washes away
The obvious downside to owning oceanfront property.
halloween costumes to avoid
I don't know why, but after reading this list, I kind of want to dress up as the "Balloon Boy."
brett favre wranglers snl
Have you heard the one about Brett Favre...oh, you have? Well, it's still kinda funny for the next month or so...
kanye west runaway
I am convinced that guys like Prince and Kanye West and Michael Jackson are either a lot smarter than the rest of us...or completely insane.
skateboard speed world record
This looks like it might be kind of fun...until it caused an untimely death.


  1. I myself favor the energetic alcohol buzz. Though I'm always surprised the next day when I got no sleep after downing five Ketel One Red Bulls throughout the course of the night.

  2. $2 for a 24oz fruit flavored beer 'n' bull which measures 12% on the richter scale. Why the hell not?
    Let's market alcoholic beverages to kids. Let's do what Limpecker Breweries did with a popular children's icon. http://www.mytwistnews.com/2010/08/madd-outraged-by-harry-potter-beers.html
    I am kidding, let's not.


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