October 20, 2010 - Not So Happy Days

famous tv parent deaths
Short Story: Even famous people from the TV die eventually.
Long Story: First we lost June Cleaver. Now comes the news that iconic TV dad Howard Cunningham of Happy Days fame has died. What's next for this already mourning nation? Is Bob Saget on his deathbed? Has Jon Gosselin been hospitalized without my knowledge? I've never been a huge follower of Happy Days or its reruns, but I do know that someone had to keep Richie Cunningham in line, and it sure as hell wasn't the Fonz, who was too busy scamming free music off of jukeboxes and water-skiing over sharks. So, RIP Mr. Cunningham. I hope you'll find peace knowing that your TV son has gone on to become a not-so-attractive, yet highly successful movie producer.
John Krasinski
October 20, 2010: John Krasinski Day! - Sorry Dwight!
WHY?: Perhaps the most expressive face in television history, the man known primarily as Jim Halpert can say it all without saying anything at all, yet, strangely, he also has an incredible voice featured as the voiceover for numerous products. He married Pam on The Office and Emily Blunt in real life, so win-win there. So, I guess what I am saying is that I am really jealous of the dude. He didn't even have a tortuted upbringing like most great actors. I am pretty sure his parents are still married even. Oh well, whatever, I am sure that Dwight still gets way hotter chicks than he ever got anyway!

TOMORROW'S contenders:
Kim Kardashian - Kinda like J-Lo, but less Latina, and without any discernible acting or singing talents.
Carrie Fisher - Oh, sorry, I meant Princess Leia.
Benjamin Netanyahu - Come on, people, he's the prime minister of Israel!

christine o'donnell state church separation
Who said you have to read the Constitution to actually question what it actually says? That just wouldn't be the Tea Party way!
747 grazes golden gate bridge
This is why I don't live in San Francisco. Well, this and all the hills….and the people.
jimmy mcmillan debate
Now, here's a candidate I can get behind…and he's a karate expert!
nba bans shoes
The NBA banned them, which only makes me want them more…
high school football crazy play
This play would be so much more awesome if it was anything but high school football. Am I right?

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