October 2-3, 2010 - fresh weekend CEREAL knowledge

This weekend, we wanted to know what is the BEST CEREAL in all the land. It doesn't necessarily have to be the best-tasting, but maybe the one with the best commercial, or the one that you loved the most as a kid. Anyway, here are Konway's top 5, followed by the reader selections:
Quite possibly the greatest invention ever. Both tasty and nutritious. I mean, who could ever hate Cheerios?
I don't care how bad they taste. If Michael Jordan eats this stuff, I'm going to eat it too.
fruity pebbles
"BAAAHHHNEEYYY!" I can still hear Fred Flintstone today trying to convince me to eat this cereal which resembled homosexual rocks.
raisin bran
How do you convince kids to eat bran? Well, you put a bunch of raisins in with it, and cover them with enough sugar to kill a small rodent, then hope the kids don't figure out how to separate the two.
lucky charms
If the Irish were a sensitive people, this campaign would have pulled a long time ago. Also, they're only after the marshmallow half of your Lucky Charms.

JaneneMurphy says...
A: peanut butter cap'n crunch
Wow, something about cereal made by a midget captain of some type of ship just scares me a little bit. Throw peanut butter in the mix somehow, and I'm legitimately frightened for my stomach.
Theresa111 says...
A: rice krispies
Even if you don't like it as cereal, the Rice Krispie treat is probably the greatest spinoff product ever invented...not just for cereal.
deray28 says...
A: honey smacks/corn pops (tie)
You must have been influenced by those genuinely awesome commercials of the 1990's. Otherwise, pouring sugar straight into your mouth would have the exact same effect.
ladygoodwood says...
A: porridge made with Scotts porage oats
Something about porridge just sounds gross to me, plus I'm supposed to believe it was the dish of choice for the three little bears, when we all know they probably just went down to the river and caught a fresh salmon.
legbamel says...
A: grape nuts
...are neither grapes nor nuts. The most deceptive name in cereal, this stuff just tastes like little rocks, and that's being nice.
agapistudios says...
A: cocoa puffs
I'll be honest, I wasn't cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs like that bizarre crack-addicted bird that was trying to sell them to me.
Hankmann says...
A: little chocolate donuts cereal
Back before we knew how good exercise and nutrition were for you, Wheaties weren't the breakfast of Champions...little chocolate donuts were.
melindaville says...
A: frosted flakes
Listen, man, when a tiger tells you to eat something, you eat it, or he eats you. That catchphrase is GRRRRRRRR-EAATTT!!!!
freaksmack says...
A: cookie crisp
Little chocolate donuts cereal may not have been real, but Cookie Crisp is alllll too real, and it's endorsed by tiny cartoon criminals everywhere.
clockworkkitten says...
A: nintendo cereal...
Apparently this really existed. It was the perfect choice for kids who wanted to sit at home eating cereal and playing video games all day.

Well, I don't know who buys cereal online, but if you really don't think you can make it to a grocery store, go ahead and purchase this 4-pack of Cheerios, and hope it arrives before they are past the expiration date.


  1. Haha, I freaking love the commentaries. Bahhhnie my Pebbles! Then Barney would skee-daddly on that mini-brontosaurus lookin thing, Dino.

  2. Remember that Life cereal commericial that had something to do with this kid brother, "Mikey" and the older brother was like, "he likes it!"


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