October 4, 2010 - US and Guatemala's Bad Romance

1940s guatemala std studies
Short story: The U.S. gave Guatemala syphillis. Whatever, it was like 60 years ago, and we're sorry.
Long story: You've surely heard of lab rats before, but, hopefully, you've never heard of lab Guatemalans before…well, until now. Apparently, U.S. researchers were quite busy in the 1940's, and they didn't let silly things like morals stop them. Not only did the U.S. develop an atomic bomb and use it to destroy half of Japan, but it now appears that some U.S. researchers were busy injecting random Guatemalans with syphillis, you know, to see if penicillin would prevent or cure it. Don't worry, though, because it was all in the name of public health, and the U.S. has now apologized profusely to Guatemala, so I guess we're all cool now, right?

guatemala syphillis
CourtneyRaedio asks…
Q: From start to finish- how does sex work?
Short A: I don't know, why don't you go ask your mom...no, seriously, she should have told you a long time ago.
Long A: I find this to be a particularly interesting question to find on the internet, especially these days. You do know that your chances of going on the internet and not seeing in great detail how sex works are almost 0%. I'd estimate that nine out of every ten websites is porn-related these days. There is even some very specific porn that will show you in great detail how the process actually works, like from a scientific perspective, anatomically and all that. I don't know who exactly is into that kind of stuff, but I think it's called Educational Porn. Anyway, you must also remember that humans are not the only ones who engage in the age-old ritual of procreation, and creatures of all different types procreate in many different ways, so just remember that if you want to find out how flowers or snails or algae have sex, well, maybe you should just go straight to the psychiatrist's office.
man denies crack in buttocks
This guy gives a whole new meaning to "ass crack." Well, I guess it's probably not all that new…
krispy kreme burger
Nothing goes together better than donuts and hamburgers, just remember to take an extra does of Lipitor.
ecuador coup caught on tape
You know the internet is taking over the world when attempted government coups are going viral.
fishermen pushed in lake
If you're going to push a random fisherman into a lake, make sure it's not some old dude who can't swim. Although, if you're going to go fishing, maybe learn to swim first…
nate robinson in shaq's shoes
This is strangely similar to seeing a small toddler wearing adult-sized shoes.

I can't help but keep thinking of guacamole every time I see the word Guatemala. It's either that or syphillis...I just hope I don't get the two mixed up in my head.

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