October 1, 2010 - (Too) Candid (Web)Camera!

rutgers student suicide
By now, you've probably heard the story of Tyler Clementi. He was a freshman at Rutgers University this fall, a talented violinist, and apparently, he was coming to the grips with the reality that he was homosexual. Well, his new roommate was also coming to grips with Clementi's lifestyle choice, but had a very different idea of how to do it, as his involved taping Clementi having a sexual encounter and broadcasting it to the world. Soon after Clementi discovered that he had been taped, it seems that he jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge, and now the roommate, Dharun Ravi is facing some serious allegations. Now, I'm not trying to be insensitive, but I have to imagine Mr. Clementi was already facing a variety of serious issues before this incident, and I have to think that, while highly inappropriate and immature, what Mr. Ravi did is not the craziest thing a college student did this week across America. That being said, with all this stuff going on, it's really a miracle parents even let their kids go to college any more, let alone, pay thouands of dollars a year to do so.

students should be charged
Jayme asks…
Q: Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?
A: I think the power to be invisible is a little creepy, and most of its uses would probably be illegal. Also, would being invisible mean that people just couldn't see me, or would I be able to like walk through stuff? Because, I think it would be weird if you thought you were being all covert and sneaky and invisible and then you sneezed, or ran into something. Would I be able to see myself? That would be really weird. I would keep freaking out thinking people could actually see me. Also, what if the power disappeared in the middle of something, or what if I used it at the wrong time and couldn't turn it off? I don't know, just too many question marks with that one. The power to read minds would be cool, because that would just make it a lot easier to play mind games with people. Although, sometimes ignorance is bliss, and I get the feeling I probably wouldn't want to know what a lot of people really thought about me.
jimmy fallon history of rap
A lesson in hip hop history from the only two white dudes cool enough to make it work.
mike tyson wayne brady music video
Speaking of dynamic musical duos, uhhhh, well, we can talk more about them later, after this crazy video.
victory celebration busted
I'm all for indoor smoking bans, but I'm not sure we need people to be calling in to report indoor smoking we see on TV…during a victory celebration no less.
lebron plays race card
Sure, race was a factor. Race is always a factor. It's just not as big a factor as dumping a dying city and heading to South Beach on national television.
chad ochocinco's sex line cereal
Who in their right mind ever thought that Chad Ochocinco needed his own cereal anyway? Who buys that stuff…and then calls the number on the box???

Just remember to use it appropriately...like for ChatRoullette and what not.

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