September 30, 2010 - Housekeeping! You Need Controversy?

meg whitman housekeeper controversy
Meg Whitman, for those of you who don't know, is the Republican candidate for governor in the great state of California. Allegedly, she was also the employer of an undocumented immigrant named Nicky Diaz for about 9 years up until sometime last year. What we know is that Diaz cleaned Whitman's house and drove Whitman's children to and from school until she was suddenly canned by the homely ex-eBay CEO last year. What we don't know is if Whitman knew that Diaz was an illegal immigrant, or if she treated her poorly and fired her without warning as Diaz claims. Of course, given that Whitman's husband is named Griffith Harsh, should we really be surprised that Diaz was treated so "Harsh-ly" by the family or that Whitman strategically never changed her last name? Harsh for thank you.

barryfromtexas asks…
Q: Do vegetarians ever have a beef with someone?
A: I'm not going to claim to know all that much about vegetarians. I mean, I like vegetables just fine, but I like beef too, if not a little more. I probably know even more about "having a beef" (or dispute) with someone. Now, with that in mind, I think it's quite obvious that vegetarians most certainly will occasionally have beef with quite a few groups of people, namely those who like to have beef with their dinner...or lunch...or breakfast. I'm not saying that all vegetarians hate all meat-eaters or that all meat-eaters hate all vegetarians, but certainly there are quite a few on each side that don't like those on the other side, and it's completely related to what they will or will not eat. As for me, I support whatever diet you do or do not choose to eat, but for all the vegetarians out there, do you have any idea how ridiculously tasty a good steak can be?
world's worst deadbeat dads
Think you're a deadbeat? Think you can beat these deadbeats? Over my deadbeat body!
old woman shoots at young boy
Sometimes kids just need a good scare…just make sure you don't shoot to kill.
dolphin collision
And I thought dolphins were supposed to be super-intelligent?
awesome tipped interception
See, sometimes D-III games are fun to watch…I mean, like in occasional 30 second clips on YouTube at least.
monkeys recognize themselves in mirrors
That is, except for when they do something completely out of character, then they feel like they don't even know what they've become…

Halloween is coming up, and since we're on the topic of housekeepers, why not dress as one of the best of all-time: Alice from the Brady Bunch?

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