September 29, 2010 - A Life Lost in Austin

university of texas shooting
Sure, no one really ever likes a school shooting incident, but I guess as far as these things go, you'd have to say this one had a relatively happy ending at the University of Texas in Austin yesterday. Of course, I suppose that when you consider what you are comparing it to, that doesn't say a whole lot. In this case, a 19 year-old math major fired several shots with an AK-47 before turning the gun on himself. The good news is that no one else was harmed. The bad news is that, well, some psychologically disturbed student got a hold of an automatic weapon on a college campus and probably could have done a lot more damage. As if being in college with a job hunt lurking around the corner in this economy wasn't scary enough. Maybe that's why they drink so much.

Hankmann says…
Q: If we stop global warming, isn't that stopping natural selection?
A: If we, the human race, stop global warming, in a way, I guess that would be natural selection out-selecting natural selection…if you get what I am saying. I mean, if we as a people are both ignorant enough to damage our very own planet, and smart enough to recognize the damage, halt it, and possibly even reverse it, does that make us really, really dumb, or really, really smart. I mean, I guess it's like if a 16 year-old kid that gets a brand-new car, runs it so hard that it very slowly (like painfully slowly) starts breaking down. He takes it to several mechanics and they mostly agree that the car is not in great shape, and something needs to be done to correct the problem. The kid has two choices: keep driving the same way, and hope the mechanics are wrong, or stop driving like an idiot. In a way, would it be poetic justice if he ruined his car? Perhaps. Of course, he doesn't care, he's just passing this one on to his younger brother anyway.
man wins lottery twice
This guy has a lot of new friends all of the sudden, I bet. There's probably a lot of people that think he's a huge jerk now, too.
awesome dance moves
Don't ask how I know this guy. I won't tell you.
dad with awesome moves
If you thought that last dance was awesome…watch this guy show up his very own kids! Seriously he destroys them on their own video.
huge tab for rookie
Oh, Dez Bryant, I suggest that, next time, just go along with the rookie hazing routines from the beginning…or else, pay for the world's most expensive dinner.
high school football player attacked
I don't know what it is that always makes me think Utah is such a peaceful state. I'm so obviously way off target.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but so maybe should order this sweatshirt a size smaller than you normally would?

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