September 28, 2010 - A Segway to the Afterlife

segway comnpany owner dies
Well, Halloween is just over a month away, and you may wonder why I find that an appropriate lead-in to a story about the owner of Segway Inc. dying...on a segway, but, doesn't it remind anyone just a little of the legend of Frankenstein? Okay, okay, maybe the paralells aren't all that eery considering this guy just owned the company, and didn't actually invent the segway, but still, he was killed at the hands of the very machine he was supposed have such control over. That's some spooky stuff, indeed. I suppose it's possible that maybe he was just so dedicated to his company, and the machines it sold, that he refused to bail from his segway even as it made the final fatal trip over a cliff into a river.

ladygoodwood asks…
Q: Why does aubergine (egg plant for the philistines) go brown immediately you slice it open?
A: That's really a very simple answer. The eggplant starts to oxidize almost immediately after you cut it…much like an apple does. Why it does this, I don't really know. I suppose it has something to do with the chemical makeup of the eggplant's flesh, enzymes and a loss of electrons. The bigger question for me, has always been why the eggplant, also occasionally referred to as aubergine, melongene, brinjal, or guinea squash, has such a range of unusual names. I've always found the name eggplant particularly unappealing. I mean, it's really a relatively tasty food, so it's a shame that I have to think of a plant growing from the ground where egg yolk had recently spilled. Meanwhile, aubergine sounds like something a grandma might wear on a night home with grandpa, so no help there.
gold atm's
I can't wait to take out a couple bricks of gold…I feel like this could lead to some ATM-related violent crimes, though.
man attacks elmo
I'm not saying I condone attacking Elmo, but let's be honest, that voice of his can get a little obnoxious after a while.
forehead tattoo mugshot
You do one dumb thing in your life, like tattoo a radio station's name on your forehead, and no one ever lets you forget about it!
awesome ref moment
"Ahhhh, refereeing is so hard some times!"
george lopez divorces kidney donor
George Lopez says, wham, bam, thank you for the kidney, ma'am!

I'm not implying that this would have saved the guy's life or anything, but considering how dangerous these segway things seem to be, you may want to invest in a solid helmet before you hop on one.

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  1. well thank you for clarifying that about aubergine! Of course it leads on to another question...

    Why do English speaking nations have different names for the same vegetables, yet i don't think we have different names for other things.
    Americans have Eggplant, Zuchini and Cilantro
    whereas in England we have
    Aubergine, Courgette and Corriander...

    Perhaps you may want to answer that one now!


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