October 16-17, 2010 - fresh weekend MASCOT knowledge

Everyone loves a good mascot, from afar, at least...but what exactly is a good mascot? Well, if you really want to know, here are a list of the BEST MASCOTS in the entire world, and possibly beyond. You can't argue with this...
ronald mcdonald
The mascot to end all mascots. Scary and entertaining at the same time. Look up his image results on Google, and you'll see what I mean. Who ever thought a red-haired clown could sell hamburgers anyway?
the phoenix gorilla
The most death-defying/intimidating/hilarious mascot in sports. Most mascots are just goofy-looking. I dare you to call the Phoenix Gorilla goofy-looking. Go ahead, try it.
the burger king
There is absolutely no reason that a gigantic fake mute king should be so hilarious, yet he is.
san diego chicken
The original sports mascot is still the measure of excellence in his field. For my money, nothing ever truly beats a grown man in a chicken costume.
colonel sanders
I am pretty sure Colonel Sanders was actually a real dude. I'm not so sure he was really a Colonel, but still, he can make some tasty chicken.
uga the bulldog
It's just a dog, wearing a Georgia-themed outfit. The beauty is in the simplicity.
orville reddenbacher
Like Col. Sanders above, he may have been a real person, but I like to think of him as a perpetually old dude that sits around making popcorn for your eating pleasure.
tony the tiger
Tigers should be scary, not make you want to eat super-sugary cereal. So how does Tony pull it off with such ease?
chief osceola
Call it offensive or call it a great tribute, when the Florida State mascot drives a flaming spear into the ground, there's no more bizarre mascot ritual in college sports.
From the guys who brought you Ronald McDonald, then managed to top themselves when it comes to creating absolutley mind-boggling hamburger spokesmen.

best MASCOT ever?
Agit8r says…
The Evergreen State Geoduck. Everyone knows that a geoduck is just an oyster that is pronounced "gooey duck." What we don't know is why anyone would think it would ever make a good mascot.
wetookthebait says…
The Banana Slug of UC-Santa Cruz. I'm sorry, but slugs of any kind are just gross. So if the point is to gross your opponent out, then great job!
Ladygoodwood says…
The Jaguar on the hood of her car. Sure, it looks cool, but it would be a lot cooler if it would turn into a real jaguar when in need of security. Am I right?


  1. Well Konway, rural Suffolk has a tad lower crime rate than down-town Chicago, so I seem to do okay!

  2. Aw come on! "They'reeeeee Greattttt!" Tony the Tiger, hands down. :(

  3. What about the mascots for food --That are the food?
    Like the guy from Frosted Wheat cereal? One minute he is talking to you --the next you're a cereal killer. How can you enjoy your breakfast with all of that screaming?


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