October 15, 2010 - O'Reilly's Dissenting View-point

o'reilly on the view
It appears that Bill O'Reilly and Whoopi Goldberg are not as good a friends as I often like to imagine when I host imaginary tea parties. If they are, they certainly fooled me during O'Reilly's appearance on The View yesterday, as he made some remarks which show hosts Goldberg and Joy Behar found offensive enough to feel the need to walk off the set. The remark which appeared to truly upset the two women was about how he felt opposed to the Mosque at Ground Zero because "Muslims" attacked us on 9/11. Apparently, the women were shocked by O'Reilly's condescending attitude and rather insensitive broad-brushed remarks, which means they must not watch his show, which means, I actually finally have found something in common with the women who host The View!
Emeril Lagasse
October 15, 2010: Emeril Lagasse Day! - The guy who made "BAM!" cool to say...or the guy who said it a lot, anyway.
WHY?: Wham! Bam! Thank you Emeril! If you're like me, you've never eaten at an Emeril Lagasse restaurant. You've never watched an Emeril Lagasse program. You've never eaten an Emeril Lagasse frozen meal. You've never told anybody to "kick it up a notch!" (Okay, maybe you've done that last one, but it was certainly not because of Emeril!) Even so, you probably have still heard of Emeril Lagasse. The dude's been cooking on TV since before it was even cool for dudes to be in the kitchen. He probably makes you think of the New Orleans area, even though he's from Massachussets, and his father is French-Canadian. He has contributed recipes to improve space food. He's written like 400 cookbooks...give or take. He even had his own sitcom for a few days. So, today, sit back, relax, and go buy one of those frozen Emeril meals. Even multi-millionaire celebrity chefs are struggling in this economy.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
Jean-Claude Van Damme - There is not nearly enough room here to do justice to the man known as the "Muscles from Brussels"
Mike Ditka - Da Coach has one of Da Greatest Mustaches of All-Time!
Zac Efron - If you take very select attributes from the two men above, you could probably create this High School Musical star. Very select.

MONDAY's person of the DAY!
brett favre takes a shot
This is called karma. I think Brett Favre has now paid enough for any mistakes he may have made.
cvs fuels meth drug production
Well, I believe they allegedly fueled meth drug production…by selling too much cold medicine…so, don't judge a story just by the headline.
david blaine street magic
You want to see some real magic? Look no further…
billionaire's 27 story home
This is interesting, because I am pretty sure there are millions of people in India with 0-story homes…and you thought America's inequality was a problem.
blue valentine nc-17 rating
A movie got an NC-17 rating. People are upset. Mostly people that hope to make money from the movie.

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