October 14, 2010 - Miner'ge'trois!

chilean miners love triangle
Short Story: No, no, no, not a love triangle with 3 of the miners...it was just with 1 of the miners and 2 ladies!
Long Story: Okay, okay, you've heard all about the 33 trapped Chilean miners and the big rescue that took place yesterday after two months living underground. They're free at last! However, at least one of the miners may have been slightly less excited about his rescue than the other 32. You see, this miner, named Yonni Barrios (no relation to the singer Yanni, unfortunately) had been cheating on his wife of 28 years with another woman for several years. His wife happened to find this out while he was trapped below the earth, leading to a seemingly more trivial real-life drama 2000 feet above his head. So, despite his requests that they all be present for his emergence yesterday and then all go on to live happily ever after...together...only the mistress was present as he emerged yesterday...proving once again, you have a better chance of defying death than convincing your wife to have a threesome.
Floyd Landis
October 14, 2010: Floyd Landis Day! - He just wanted to be like Lance Armstrong…like real bad, I guess.
WHY?: I guess this goes to prove that not all Person of the Day winners have to be admirable public figures. In this case, Mr. Landis was at first a seemingly unlikely hero, filling in the large shoes left by national hero Lance Armstrong, as he won the Tour de France in 2006. It was a Cinderella story for the Mennonite boy from PA...that it turned out was just too good to be true. We soon found out that he had a skewed testosterone/epitestosterone ratio during stage 17 of that race, and we all know what that means! Oh, maybe not, but it means HE WAS CHEATING! Well, he denied it for four years until earlier this year he finally admited that he had, indeed, doped...a lot...oh, and he threw his boy Lance Armstrong under the bus as well. So, I guess the big lesson to be learned here on this Floyd Landis Day is if you're going to dope for your job, don't snitch on your buddies when you get caught.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
Tito Jackson - Arguably the most talented member of The Jackson 5…well, maybe not, but he was in the group.
Lee Iaccoca - This guy built Chrysler into what it is today…well, not today, but like what it was when it was doing well.
Emeril Lagasse - BAM! Kick it up a notch! This guy puts the celebrity in celebrity chef!

TOMORROW's person of the day
grover old spice guy
I'm not sure who I trust more: the deodorant spokesman, or the crazy blue monster spoofing the deodorant spokesman.
black power gold medal for sale
Tommie Smith protested the National Anthem when he won his gold medal, but I'm sure he won't argue with the cash that he can make off that medal in the good old U.S.A.
ginger ale victory celebration
Is it just me, or should more teams stop drinking heavily in their locker rooms while they still have important games to play?
the happy meal project
Happy Meals are indestructible. Don't pretend like this comes as a shock to you. You know exactly what you are getting at McDonald's…and you like it!
gilbert arenas fake injury
This is a big step up for Arenas. I mean, it's not like he brought a gun in the locker room…again.


  1. Love the Miner'Ge'Trois...was actually waiting for the drumroll at the end. :)

  2. It seems like there is more plastic in McDonalds "food" than the cheesy toys.


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