October 13, 2010 - Favre From Appropriate

brett favre sexual harrassment
Short Story: Brett Favre likes sexting.
Long Story: Brett Favre has been guilty of a lot of things during his long playing career in the NFL. He's thrown a few interceptions in his day. He's only won a single Super Bowl. He has retired, and unretired…multiple times. He was addicted to pain medication for a while. His acting was, I guess, subpar in There's Something About Mary. He's made dubious claims about wearing and playing pickup football in Wrangler jeans. Until now, however, he's always had a pretty clean record as a citizen off the field. Well, that seems to have all changed with word that he sent "lewd" text messages and photos to a rather attractive female Jets employee back when he was playing his lone season in New York. To be fair to Brett, he claims that he did a lot of soul-searching and really took his time before deciding to send the texts, and after he sent them, he soon after really wished that he had not sent them.
Summer Sanders
October 13, 2010: Summer Sanders Day!
Awesome name. Mediocre accomplishments
WHY?: Well, what can you really say about Summer Sanders? I guess you can say that never has someone named after a season been so famous. Although, I'd be hard-pressed to even think of another celebrity named after a season. Sanders was actually a decent swimmer back in her day, but only swam in one Olympic games, in 1992 in Barcelona, where she took home 2 gold medals. She's really more well-known for her television work on a variety of failed, mostly sports-related programming. Who can forget when she hosted Scholastic at the Olympic Games on MSNBC in 2000, or when she was named "commissioner" of the Nickelodeon Games and Sports Channel for kids in 1998? To be more accurate, who can remember those events? Yet, somehow, Sanders still seemed to somehow fit in as a celebrity on a recent version of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. I guess it just goes to show you that a pretty face, an athletic figure and a memorable name still go a long way in this wonderful country.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
Floyd Landis - Kinda like Lance Armstrong, but much less successful, and much more hated.
Usher - Certainly the most successful person ever to put the word Usher on their resume.
Ralph Lauren - The guy who made Polo cool. Not the actual sport, but more the general fashion and idea of it, I guess.

TOMORROW's person of the day
sammy sosa corked bat for auction
If you've been trying to get your hands on one of Sosa's syringes, this is really the next best thing.
carl paladino on welfare
I don't know, I guess in some ways, this sounds like A Modest Proposal, doesn't it?
serbian soccer fan violence
Now, I've never been a hooligan before, but I thought most of the rioting and violence occurs during or after the game?
world championship pumpkins
I guess these pumpkins are probably a good thing to have if you are making a gigantic pumpkin pie.
man vs. dog eating
Of course, to the dog, this is less a competition, and more of a tremendous opportunity to eat large amounts of human food.

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