October 12, 2010 - Hungary for Sludge?

red sludge in hungary
Short Story: Newsflash! Red toxic aluminum-based sludge is as bad for the environment as it is gross-looking!
Long Story: So, apparently, no matter what anyone tells you, it's not legal to dump red sludge out into nature...even in Hungary. If that sludge happens to be toxic, and goes on to kill (at least) eight people…well, then we really have a problem. That will explain why some dude named Zoltan Bakonyi has been arrested and charged with a variety of crimes after his aluminum company continued to damage the Hungarian environment and endanger the public with its toxic red sludge on the verge of collapsing a dam and causing even further damage. For all my Hungarian readers, while I can't tell you what that red sludge is, I can recommend that you do not drink it, no matter how closely it resembles a Cherry Slushee.
Kirk Cameron

October 12, 2010: Kirk Cameron Day! - aka Mike Seaver aka The Perm aka Boner's BFF.
WHY?: Back in the day, no one in the world was cooler than Mike Seaver, played ever so eloquently by Kirk Cameron and his beautifully permed 'do on the sitcom Growing Pains. Seaver was the too cool for school hotshot who caused trouble for his dad Alan Thicke while harrassing younger sister Carol and running around town with a dude named Boner (may he rest in peace.) After Growing Pains, Seaver got married at age 20, went on to have 6 kids and become a Christian evangelical nutjob. His younger sister, Candace Cameron, was, of course, DJ Tanner on Full House, and ended up marrying a big-time NHL player. So, at least one of these young TV prodigies turned out okay. Surprisingly, it was the one who spent most of her formative years around Bob Saget and Dave Coulier.

TOMORROW's contenders:
Summer Sanders - Former American swimmer...famous mostly for random non-swimming stuff.
Sacha Baron Cohen - Wait a second, apparently that Ali G dude is just a character played by this guy!
Jerry Rice - He was pretty good at football, and maybe even better at Dancing With Stars....but not as good as Drew Lachey.

tomorrow's PERSON of the day!
eminem rhymes orange
Well, like a magician revealing his tricks, I now just feel really dumb for not thinking of this first.
worst corner kick ever
I always wondered how no one ever ran into that flag in the corner.
49ers owner text prediction
Maybe this was taken out of context. Maybe it was more like "We'll win the division…or else everyone's fired!"
pint of vodka prank
Russian Roulette is probably a little bit safer party game.
spanish men breastfeeding rights
I'm not sure this is really good news for anyone.

Oh, cool, your very own Slushie machine! Still as much sugar as before, but without the worries of disease from your local 7-Eleven!

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