October 11, 2010 - Chile's Gonna Get Silly

chilean miners rescue
Short Story: How many times do we gotta tell you? Mining is super-dangerous!
Long Story: Ohhh, I wish I had the movie rights to this story, because I can almost guarantee you that we will see a blockbuster movie about the 33 miners that were trapped nearly half a mile below the Chilean ground for over 2 months before finally being rescued. Well, don't get too excited yet, because they aren't actually out just yet, but the rumor is that they will finally be able to reach the trapped miners as early as Wednesday, and the entire country of Chile is ready to celebrate, with no one more excited than the numerous family members who have been camped out at the mining site awaiting good news on their relatives. Well, in a few days, that good news is finally expected to arrive in human form...and Chileans will celebrate like it's Fiestas Patrias in October! (ps. I think that's their Independence Day...oh, and it was only like 3 weeks ago...)
Luke Perry
October 11, 2010: Luke Perry Day - You know, Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills 90210.
WHY?: We here at wc,t officially proclaim Ocotber 11, 2010 to be Luke Perry Day. Luke Perry, of course, is more well known as Dylan McKay from the hit series Beverly Hills 90210. Perry's actual name is Coy Luther Perry III, which, if you ask me, is a lot cooler than Luke Perry, but hey, I'm not the one who became a teen heartthrob playing a 16 year-old high schooler in my 20's. He also starred in London in 2004 as Harry in a production of When Harry Met Sally. Bet you didn't know that. Well, now you do. Have a great Luke Perry Day.

Your other contenders:
Joan Cusack - Brother John got all the fame and glory. Joanie got all the looks.
Daryl Hall - He was one half of the legendary Hall and Oates. I'm not sure which half.

the situation marketing pitch
How to make your abs look really gross just like Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's.
man kills 680lb gator
Then takes some gross, unnecessary pictures. Uhhh, but go ahead and click.
a little relationship advice
An absolute classic. Don't go on another date until you watch this! I'm dead serious!
randy moss makes fun of tom brady
The pot calls the kettle black, but not in a racist way. Then the kettle calls the pot black, also, not racist. Then the kettle gets traded.
qb makes huge hit
Andrew Luck should be the automatic #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft based on this play alone.

The Chunky Firehouse Hot & Spicy Chili. I don't know, does that really sound appealing to anyone? It more sounds like a really gross trick to play on someone.


  1. I forget which movie - but Joan played with her brother in a movie , and I think it was as his sister. I know not much usefule info - but hey it's Monday!

  2. Luke Perry was the ultimate bad boy in the 90's, good choice! ;-)

  3. I voted for Darryl Oates. not because I have any particular affinity towards him - he's just the only one I have heard of!


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