wc,t's top 10 HALLOWEEN COSTUME ideas - 2010

Review the costumes, then come back and vote!
cat in the hat

You know there was a time when certain people thought it was cool to wear those Cat in the Hat hats for fun...so why not just get the whole outfit, giant red bowtie, white gloves and all?
genie in the bottle

There's only one day of the year that you can be so blatantly sexually suggestive/offensive and possibly get away with it. Why not go for it?
vanilla ice/mc hammer

These guys may have stopped being rich and popular 20 years ago, but that doesn't make their outfits any less humorous.
barney rubble

Sure, Fred Flintstone was cool, but everyone knows all the ladies really loved Barney.

I don't know, man, I might be biased because blue is my favorite color, but you might just be able to use this for other days besides Halloween.

Nothing says mature adult decision-making like spending $80 on a gigantic chicken costume.

I meant to search for an Eminem costume. However, the M&M costume might not be quite as dated...

This could be used for the dual purposes of humor and taking a stand on immigration reform.
the riddler

Like the taco's dual roles, this costume could also represent your stance on gay rights.
teen wolf

Apparently, everyone keeps talking about this werewolf/vampire movie that is supposed to be real popular. I don't know what it is, but I do remember Teen Wolf...now you can pay your respects too!


  1. Hi, there!

    Well, close enough... I'll take it of course "The Cat in the Hat" if I have to choose between these 10 alternatives mentioned here, besides is a fun character and as Dr. Seuss says ... "You're never too old, too wacky, too wild .." ..to show the child in us.
    I know we all have this part somewhere...inside us. smiles
    So, I'll do it in style with an official "Cat in the Hat" Costume! :P

    Wishing you the best!


  2. I was torn between Genie Lamp (always fun at a party) or the Taco (southpark) favorite. But, if you choose Taco, you need to poop Ice Cream.

  3. Definitely the lamp. Love this post. Halloween is unbeatable.

  4. I like the taco one the best. And I wanna win!


  5. I'm going with the lamp. Rub me? who can resist?

  6. Genie lamp is awesome. But I would have also voted for taco if I could have voted twice.


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