September 13, 2010 - Kanye Lets Taylor Finish

kanye returns to the vma's
Yo, news, I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but Kanye West has some of the craziest antics of all time! It was one year ago exactly at the Video Music Awards that Mr. West busted on stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech and let her know that he didn't exactly think that she deserved it...but he was happy for her. Well, one year later, and at the same show, we saw Kanye's triumphant, controversy-free return, along with Taylor Swift performing a song forgiving Kanye and Lady Gaga showed up wearing a raw beef hat. So, hopefully next year, Gaga will apologize to some cows for that.

do you forgive KANYE
Q: Why isn't phonetically spelled like it sounds?
A: Barry, a word being spelled phonetically often involves the use of various symbols to represent what the word should actually sound like when said. That being said, I have no idea why any word in any language is spelled like it is. There are very few words that seem to actually be spelled exactly the same as their phonetical spelling. I blame most of it on the Greeks or Romans. However, I think a different term that you might actually enjoy is onomatopoeia. This is, of course, when a word sounds like the sound it actually represents. This would include words like "click" or "whoosh" or "boom." Of course, please keep in mind that neither these words nor onomatopoeia are spelled as they sound, so consult your dictionary before trying to pronounce them in public.
optical illussion street sign
This sign just might work…or it will make people more likely to ignore little girls running in the street.
candidate goes nuts
You gotta like the passion…but I'm not so sure about the insanity.
lady hit in face with watermelon
Among the most gruesome no-apparent-harm-done injuries I've ever seen.
3000 mile oil change outdated
You still change your oil every 3,000 miles? Haha, do you drive a Japanese car too? That's so 2 years ago.
buddhist monk guilty of battery
You can't trust anyone these days. No, really, no one…

Apparently, back when they first started the Video Music Awards, it wasn't even a show...just a book. I mean, there were probably only 4-5 videos shown on MTV at the time, which is actually more than they show now, I believe.

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  1. I originally posted this question on Facebook and twitter. I am quite familiar with the international phonetic alphabet. Also, in some languages - it would be hard to NOT spell correctly as they often have more than one correct spelling for a word, as long as it is phonetically OK.

    I just thought of all words - phonetic should be fonetick


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