September 14, 2010 - A Taxing Decision

tax cuts extension debate
If you make more than $250,000 annually, I have some bad news: President Obama wants to take all your money…or, to put it in more optimistic terms (which I am sure you won't understand right now) you may soon have to pay your actual tax rate, because the "tax cuts" that President George W. Bush enacted as we worked ourselves into a recession are set to expire this fall. Surprisingly, Republicans don't want them to expire, and Democrats don't really mind if they do. Even more surprisingly, this is an issue that will not be resolved overnight, so keep checking back to see if you will have to pay an extra $100 in taxes next year!

your income TAXES
Cheapanista asks…
Q: How come 1 ugly person from one race + one uglier person from another = cutest baby ever made?
A: First off, I think we at wc,t would like to acknowledge that all babies are cute, or at the very least, uhhh, breathtaking? Now, that being said, anyone who knows anything knows that some babies are breathtaking in a more beautiful, cuter way than others, and sometimes the more beautiful, cuter breathtakers can come from two of the ugliest people you've ever seen. Now, most of the time, if two ugly people of any race get together, you are going to end up with a relatively ugly human being as a result of the union. It just so happens, that by some weird coincidence, it does seem that interracial unions may tend to have a higher probability of producing a surprisingly beautiful person. You can see Lenny Kravitz, Derek Jeter, and, of course, Halle Berry, if you need evidence of this phenomenon.
slow motion sneezing
Warning: NSFW…it's a super-gross video of people sneezing in slow motion.
mascot eats cheerleader
I told you, never trust a mascot. I don't care what anyone says.
allen iverson china
Yo, AI, I don't know how they feel about practice in China, but I'm pretty sure they do have state-mandated army service, so, they probably aren't anti-practice.
new york jets reporter apology
Football players harrass female reporter in locker room. Is this really a story, or an every day occurrence?
lebron denied police escort
Do you think if LeBron had resigned with the Cavs he would have been granted this request?

I guess you could read this book and try to understand your income taxes. I'm not sure it will make it any easier to pay them every year.

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  1. Well, I only make $249,999/yr, so WHEW. That was a close one.


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