September 15, 2010 - A Heisman In The Hand...

reggie bush returns heisman
I'm going to describe 4 separate entities to you. The first is Reggie Bush. He allegedly? took money while playing football and winning a Heisman trophy at USC. The second is OJ Simpson. He also played football and won a Heisman Trophy at USC. The third is USC, who probably made quite a bit of money as a result of Mr. Reggie Bush playing for their football program. Finally, we have the NCAA, who ruled Reggie Bush retroactively ineligible for the 2005 season. Out of the four entities described above, I believe that three of them are guilty of far more wrongdoing than the young man who is making headlines in this story by returning his Heisman Trophy. Although, to be totally fair, I suppose he can comfort himself with his Super Bowl ring, or his millions of dollars, or his fond memories of nights with Kim Kardashian?

Anonymous asks…
Q: Is hating country music un-American?
A: Well, this question, like so many that revolve around what it means to be a real "American" is certainly subject to much debate, and really depends on who you ask. However, in this case, you asked me, and I will give you my answer. Country music, when used in the right setting, is just like any other music. It has its good moments and it has its bad moments. It can make you happy, or it can annoy you to the brink of insanity. The only thing I can guarantee you is that if you hate country music as a whole, without exception, you are probably missing out on some pretty good music as a result of this closed-mindedness, and that's a shame. What's even more of a shame, is that by some standards, some people might think this trait makes you even more American. However, if you ask me, America is and always has been all about opportunity, no matter what anyone says. It will never be about about closed-mindedness and hatred, so I recommend that while it is okay for you to generally not enjoy certain aspects of the genre known as country music, you may disapprove of its use in certain settings, but to hate anything in such a broad manner is, to wc,t, un-American, indeed!
clinton portis on female reporters
So, Clinton says its natural for female reporters to be attracted to at least one of the athletes in the locker rooms they are in. He may be right…or he may have suffered a concussion this Sunday?
schwarzenegger palin twitter
Governor Palin could show Governor Schwarzenegger a thing or two about governing…if only she was actually a governor of a state larger than 2% the population of California and didn't quit in the middle of her term.
crazy 911 calls
Apparently, not everyone who calls 911 is in dire need of emergency care.
lady gaga explains meat dress
Maybe she was going to a BBQ immediately after the show? Would you eat a steak from the Gaga meat dress?
togo sends fake soccer team
I'm not so sure Togo officials would have been so quick to dismiss this team as fake if they had won.

I have no idea who or what this is, or what it actually has to do with the Heisman Trophy, but I thought it looked pretty awesome.

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