September 11-12, 2010 - fresh weekend CELEBRITY PARTY HOST knowledge

We wanted to know if you had to host a party with the help of one living celebrity, who would you select to help you? Check Konway's top 5 picks, then see what the readers had to say...
Pee-Wee Herman
Pee-Wee would host my dance long as he could keep his pants on. Also, no children allowed.
So long as he brings me a matching outfit.
Steve Nash
I know, not the first athlete you think of when you think of partying, but he is the Most Ridiculous Man in the World.
Dave Chappelle (as Rick James)
Just so he could go around yelling out "It's a celebration, bitch!"
Bill Clinton
"Hey, man, don't tell Hillary about anything you see here tonight? We cool?"

party with...
cookingasshole says...
A: Kenny Powers
This is a trendy pick right here, and if you don't know who Kenny F'in Powers is...well, you need to find out. I'm pretty sure this dude could party a little bit.
harveyavatar says...
A: Rod Blagojevich
Provided he can stay out of jail for the next few months, we might be able to hook you up with Blago. He seems like the dorky kid in your dorm who gets really crazy after a couple Zimas.
barryfromtexas says...
A: The Most Interesting Man in the World
I would be interested to see if he lives up to the hype. He's always seemed a little too self-centered for my tastes.
RicoSwaff says...
A: Tom Green, Scott Weiland or the Ultimate Warrior
I know, it's hard to settle on one celebrity, but the theme here seems to be over-the-hill has-been entertainers. Hey man, if that's your thing, these are three wonderful picks.
wetookthebait says...
A: Florence Henderson
Mrs. Brady, as she is better known, who will soon perform on Dancing With The Stars, would probably put on a crazy party. I hope you know what you are getting into here.
tershbango says...
A: Chelsea Handler
Seriously? Do people really find this chick funny? What am I missing? I like her show much better with the volume off.
BiggJ says...
A: Bono
Not a bad choice, but Bono would drink you under the table after about an hour just because he's Irish and you're not.
LynneaUrania says...
A: Mikhail Gorbachev
Wow, this sounds...uh, interesting. I guess you could relive the glory days of the Cold War in Russia?
melindaville says...
A: Conan O'brien
The party could feature a game like Pin The Tail on the Jay Leno or something like that. Maybe Conan could even invite his new buddy George Lopez.
legbamel says...
A: John Cleese or Tiger Woods
Let's go with Tiger Woods. I get the feeling John Cleese is about 95 years old by now, and Tiger really really could use a good party to cheer him up, although he may just sulk in the corner until his escorts for the night arrive.

How can you go wrong with the Instant Party Disc? I'm not sure what they mean by Regular Strength, but hopefully that means no hardcore, hearing-loss Euro-rave techno tunes.

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  1. Cool! I voted on your next party - not saying who though :P


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