September 10, 2010 - Football, Favre and Fall!

nfl opening day
Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?! Well, it doesn't really matter if you're ready or not, and I'm not talking about that soccer cup stuff, because fall is essentially here, which means college football is already under way, and the NFL season officially "kicked off" last night in New Orleans, where the defending Super Bowl champs took on Brett Favre...oh, and the rest of the Vikings. So, go check your fantasy football squad, throw on a warm flannel shirt and go rake the yard, because once you see Brett Favre has officially decided to unretire and the steroid-fueled march to the Super Bowl has begun, you know summer is officially over.

thedatexperiment asks…
Q: If there was another planet found, like Earth, and 300 people were picked to start over on this planet and you were chosen, would you go?
A: I guess the answer to this question really depends on a lot of different variables. Who would the 300 people be? Would I get to choose the 300 people? Would the new planet be completely unexplored? How would I know some type of scary species isn't waiting there for a group of 300 people from Earth trying to inhabit it? What would the new planet be named? Would I get to name the planet? Could I bring anything with me to the new planet? How would we get to the new planet? How far away is it? Would we have internet access there? If you can answer all those and a few more questions, I'd be happy to answer your question!
big man small man
Don't worry, these pictures are safe for work. They're a little weird, but not that weird.
brit teen using american accent
Crazy Brits. You know, independence was a great idea and everything, but we probably should have kept the British accent.
cruise ship chaos
Yeah, boats always sound like a great idea, until this happens…
lfo lead singer dies
LFO never got it's proper due during the boyband craze of the late 90's…what a damn shame.
woman saves her pinky
This lady was really attached to her pinky, I guess…even when she wasn't so attached to it, if you know what I mean.

Sure, great plays are always fun to watch, but nothing beats a classic collection of NFL follies! Now you can enjoy the entire collection on DVD, just in case Sports Illustrated hasn't been sending you the VHS tapes for the past 30 years.

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