September 9, 2010 - Freedom of Ignorance?

quran burning planned
For those of you who don't know (Mrs. Palin…) free speech does have it limits, no matter what the Constitution says. I guess that's why we have other laws limiting the types of threatening or dangerous words you can utter in public. What we have yet to determine is just where these two areas intersect, and when free speech becomes a dangerous or threatening act. Of course, when you throw religion into the mix, things gets even more complicated. So that explains the situation involving the pastor in Florida who plans on burning Islam's holiest book on 9/11, and I guess it also explains why I don't get into this religion thing too much. These nutjobs make that whole Iraq war seem like a logical decision-making process.

quran burning
captNaj asks…
Q: Do animals cheat?
A: Here's the thing about animals: they don't need to cheat. That's because they don't engage in rituals such as dating, marriage or any other type of monogamous relationships. Animals generally seem to rely on their most basic instincts to guide their decisions, so when they see something they want, they figure out a way to get it. Now, humans have developed monogamy as a way of separating ourselves from the animals, I guess with the idea being that committed relationships are the most civil, non-violent way to handle mating rituals. Now, on occassion, animalistic instincts can take over, and humans may prefer straying from the socially acceptable monogamy. This is almost certainly the case with humans named after animals. Tiger Woods should be enough to prove that theory.
lion attacks trainer
Did we learn nothing from Roy's vicious mauling at the hands of his pet tiger? Large predatory cats are not meant to be played with.
science of good dancing
Two videos, one idea: science shows us the type of dancer people prefer. Although, if you ask me…
science of bad dancing
…these both seem like they'd fall on the bad dancing side. Although, maybe these guys just look dumb to begin with.
50 cent in the queen's english
If you didn't know any better, you'd think 50 Cent couldn't say anything that wasn't about killing someone…well, with the proper translation, his tweets tell a different story altogether!
sidney crosby home run
We get it, Crosby, you're good at sports and stuff, now stop showing off, ya jerk!

While they are out burning Qurans in Florida this weekend, why don't you go ahead and buy one? If you haven't read it, I can't imagine it's any more ridiculous than most of the Bible.

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