September 8, 2010 - A Job Opening in Chicago

chicago mayor will not seek re-election
They haven't had a mayor's race in Chicago in over 20 years. Well, officially, I guess they have one every four years, but unofficially, you always knew that Richard Daley was going to keep the job that his father once held for 21 years. Now, I'm not saying that the elections in Chicago were rigged, but let's face it, people hate change. So, if Rahm Emanuel is planning on making a run for City Hall, his best shot would probably come by changing his name to Rahm Daley. Of course, given that Chicago is the only place that still considers Barack Obama to be more than human, he could exploit that relationship...just as long as he doesn't pin his hopes on any relationship to the once-popular HBO show Entourage. That would just be retar...uhhh, inadvisible.

next chicago MAYOR
dyeve asks…
Q: Why is trust so hard to build and so easy to destroy ...?
A: Well, in America, we have many definitions of trust. The first definition is a legal definition where property is managed by one person for the benefit of another (See: Paris Hilton.) These trusts are quite easy to form, actually, and given how much people love/worship rich people, they are harder than ever to destroy. The second definition is an organization formed to create a monopoly or to fix prices (See: Microsoft in the early 2000's.) Given the stiff anti-trust laws we have here, these are not nearly as easy to form, and quite easy to destroy. The final definition I will discuss involves the belief or reliance upon the good nature of another person or people. Basically, it seems that humans really are innately quite trusting people, even when all evidence would suggest that we should be distrustful. That's essentially how Sandra Bullock ended up with Jesse James.
anti-gang law in el salvador
It appears that the gangs in El Salvador are not all that happy about recent anti-gang laws put in place.
man shoots bb gun at mexicans
Well, to be fair, at first he was just shooting oppossums, then the mosquitoes started bothering him, so I guess you can blame it on the mosquitoes.
west virginia tap water lights on fire
Almost heaven? Yeah, West Virginia is almost heaven as in, you probably won't live nearly as long as you would anywhere else in the United States.
drunk guy walking up a hill
Oh, don't be judgmental, we've all been there…most of us just don't have the video proof.
squirrel bad at climbing
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes, but a squirrel that can't climb…who knows?

This title is unnecessarily long. You guys had me at "American Pharaoh!" That's way too cool to pass up!

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