September 7, 2010 - Planes, Trains & Automobiles with Barack Obama

obama transportation spending
Were you out travelling during this long weekend? Are you tired of the seemingly endless construction on the roads, the lengthy delays at the airport, and the…uh, the, uhhhh, I don't know…robbers on horseback boarding your trains and demanding all your cash? Well, President Obama has a plan that will stimulate jobs/the economy, and make travelling even more difficult and annoying (for a while at least) at the same time! He proposed yesterday to spend $50 billion or so on road, rail and airways. I suppose it's good news if you are looking for a job, but bad news if you don't like jobs that involve cars, planes or trains.

Q: Do dogs in different countries bark in different languages and can visiting pups understand the locals?
A: I'm going to be brutally honest with you on this one. I don't care what shows like Lassie or movies like Lady and the Tramp seemed to tell us, dogs cannot effectively communicate via barking. Dogs may understand each other's barks, but it is in the same way that cars understand each other's horns. That is, a dog's bark means only one thing: "Hey, look at me!" Otherwise, they really don't feel the need or know how to communicate through the bark. If a dog really wants to tell you something, it will probably just bite you. That being said, they still make great pets.
man climbs sf skyscraper
Like, he climbed the outside of it…and after all that hard work, he was awarded with a nice stay in the local jail.
world's shortest man
I wonder how you break the news to someone like this that they just set a new world record.
rare bird theft ring
I don't know about you, but if I was going to steal something, I would probably just go rob a bank instead of robbing a ton of exotic animals.
former musician killed by hay bale
I don't care who you are, no one should have their tombstone read "…was killed by a rogue hay bale."
vietnam idol bad romance
If you didn't catch this last season of Vietnam Idol, then here is one of the more memorable performances of the season.

We could argue all day long about what John Candy's finest piece of work is, but for me, it comes to down to this or Uncle Buck.

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