September 6, 2010 - Best Labor Day Ever!

labor day
Don't be fooled by the name. Even if you are one of the lucky Americans who still has a job in this seemingly continuously always-almost-ending recession, today is supposed to be a day of rest. Of course, if you plan on keeping that job, you may want to consider going to work anyway, and if you are still looking for a job, I don't recommend you rest either. Also, this officially means summer is unofficially over, so start getting those winter clothes out. Happy Labor Day everyone!

labor DAY
scifigene asks…
Q: Are penguins kosher?
A: Well, I suppose there's two ways to look at this one, and I'm not sure which one I like better. First of all, penguins are mainly indigenous to the very southern regions of Africa, South America, Australia and Antarctica. None of those places are known for having large Jewish populations, and I've never seen a penguin wearing a yarmulke, so I have to imagine that these tuxedo-wearing birds of non-flight DO NOT celebrate Hanukah or eat only kosher foods, if that's what you are asking. On the other hand, if you are considering eating penguins, unless you are a large seal or whale, then eating penguins is not kosher in any sense of the word!
us open fans fight
It may be a tennis tournament, but it's still just outside of New York City, so you can't expect all these New Yorkers to behave the entire time.
jan brewers panic attack on tv
The controversial Arizona governor froze during a live television debate when asked if she had any viewpoints on anything other than immigration.
ryan seacrest larry king duet
This performance of "Bad Romance" falls more on the side of disturbing than entertaining, but I guess that's probably how Lady Gaga would have wanted it.
double rainbow commercial
I can sum this one up in two words: total letdown. Don't do the Double Rainbow man like that!
kanye taylor swift apology
A year later, Kanye West is sorry about that whole Taylor Swift thing, but I'm pretty sure he still thinks President Bush doesn't care about black people.

Stop worrying about your job for one minute, and start worrying about more fun things, like giving birth to a child. With this book, it will still be painful, but a little bit less painful maybe.

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