September 4-5, 2010 - fresh weekend "That's what SHE said!" knowledge

You've heard people say it before. You make a comment like, "Can I get those eggs over easy?" and someone inevitably shouts out "That's what SHE said!" You sit and wonder, that's what who said? Well, as the joke popularized in modern pop culture by shows such as The Office nears closer and closer towards jumping the shark, we thought it was a good time to do a little investigative work and see what people on the streets thought. Who was it that people are always referring to when they say "That's what SHE said!" Well, we asked and some of you answered, but Mr. Konway East had a couple ideas of his own that he wanted to share, so he submitted his 2 top possibilities as well! Enjoy!
melindaville says...
A: She is Miss Cleo--who sees all, knows all, and tells all.
CALL ME NOW! That is what she actually said! Now, I don't know if Miss Cleo is the right answer to this question, but as far as I know, Miss Cleo is never the wrong answer to any quesion!

miss cleo
liftingmeup says...
A: When I used to teach high school Spanish, I was SHE. My students would regularly say that after I said most things
If I were you, I would have started saying some really weird stuff, like "Senor [student's last name] es muy feo y le gustan los hombres!" I'm sure that would have won you a few Teacher of the Year awards at the very least.
MadameX says...
A: SHE is the fictional lover of all of those men who really need that to bolster their self-images...and she says it because that's what their damaged psyches need her to say.
From what I can tell, while the guys may have some psychological issues, it is possible that SHE may actually have the bigger issues to deal with? Did she lack a father figure? Why would she keep making all these sexually suggestive remarks?
tershbango says...
A: It's probably Oprah. What other female dictates the world?
Whoa, whoa, whoa...don't get me wrong, Oprah is a fine answer, but for you to disrespect our former co-President, and the United States hottest First Lady of all time, Hillary Clinton, by failing to acknowledge her power is just unacceptable in my book.
MyTwistNews says...
A: According to the oracle of all knowledge - Wikipedia says: She, subtitled A History of Adventure, is a novel by Henry Rider Haggard, first serialized in The Graphic magazine from October 1886 to January 1887. 
Listen, I love Wikipedia, but if they really think that SHE is a book published in the 1880's then I might really start questioning the source of their info.
Don Mills says...
A: Ernest Borgnine
Let's ignore the fact that he is a dude, and let me just say that if it was actually Ernest Borgnine who had been saying all this stuff throughout the years, there would be a lot of disappointed guys out there. This dude has a face that only a mother could love, yet it's strangely entertaining, it's like looking at the sun...
cookingasshole says...
A: Mother Theresa
Whoa, dude, I'm sure Mother Theresa said a lot of things in her life, considering she lived to be 134 or so, but if she said any of the stuff that you are saying that she said, I'm sure she didn't mean it in the way that you thought she meant it...right?
brokenblade says...
A: Mona Lisa.
With that sly grin on her face, and those sneaky eyes, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. I don't see the appeal in Ms. Lisa, but I'm sure back in her day, she was their Paris Hilton or something.
Konway's 1st Suspect
A:Brady Bunch housekeeper Alice.
You probably thought it was Mrs. Brady, but the much more likely culprit was actually Alice. She tried to play it all cool in front of the kids, but once she was off the clock, I bet she got a little crazy.
Konway's 2nd Suspect
A: Chelsea Clinton.
Listen, Hillary would be a dream come true...even Bill would be great, but I understand they are quite busy, so I'll settle for the byproduct of their love for each other!


  1. I think that having responded with such comments to my students would definitely have gotten me teacher of the year awards!

    I also agree with Alice, the Brady Housekeeper. She controlled the universe.

  2. I'm gonna let you finish, but Hillary is the biggest female dictator of all time!

  3. Kanye spent like 4 hours on Twitter apologizing to Taylor Swift this morning.
    Maybe in a year or so, I'll apologize to Oprah for stealing her thunder on wc,t.



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