September 1, 2010 - Earl Makes Labor Day Plans

hurricane earl
In what has been a relatively quiet hurricane season thus far, the season's biggest threat seems to be arriving just now, in the form of a not-so-little storm named Earl. While the storm is quite powerful at the moment as it chills over the open ocean, it appears it will serve as more of an annoyance to holiday weekend travelers on the East Coast this weekend than as a significantly dangerous storm. Most likely, Earl's primary benefactor will be those who really enjoy the name Earl, and like saying Earl. Earl, Earl, Earl...

yshimizu asks...
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: You know, yshimizu, here's a question for you, instead. Why is everyone so concerned with the chicken crossing the road? I mean, every time you head across the street, does someone stop you and ask you why you did it? Sometimes, in order to get somewhere, one needs to cross a road or two to get there. What makes you think chickens are so different? So, next time you see a chicken, or even just a guy in a chicken outfit, in a crosswalk heading (or even jaywalking) across the road, give him a pat on the back, and tell him you are proud of him, no matter what his reasoning.
bill o'reilly justin bieber feud
Bill O'Reilly thinks that 16 year-old boys should go ice skating instead of hanging out with Kim Kardashian…which would seem to indicate that maybe he's not as opposed to gay marriage as you would have thought?
usain bolt wants to play soccer
Shaquille O'neal wanted to rap, and look how that worked out. Stick to the running, Mr. Bolt.
golfer starts fire with swing
Tiger Woods has a bad day at the golf course and shoots high 70's. This guy has a bad day, and starts a 12-acre fire.
man sentenced to the army
Be careful what you go around posting on Facebook, unless you want to end up in the army like this nutjob.
inside glenn becks rally
I won't say too much, these people speak for themselves. Although, they might want to re-consider that…

Whatever happened to this show? Oh, it looks like they just decided to come out with better shows?

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