August 31, 2010 - Boyz II Manny II Chi-Town

manny ramirez to white sox
Manny Ramirez has been a lot of things. He has been a Cleveland Indian. He has been on the Boston Red Sox. He has been a Los Angeles Dodger. He has been clean-shaven. He has been dreadlocked. He has been an alleged steroid user. He has been one of the best right-handed hitters to ever play the game of baseball. He has been a 2-time World Series champion. Most importantly, Manny has always been Manny, which really just means he a very strange character known for his erratic behavior. Now, he will become something new, as he heads to Chi-town to play for the Chicago White Sox, and see if he and his dreadlocks can carry them to the playoffs with a late surge.

MANNY being
tershbango asks...
Q: How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
A: Well, it seems you are making a rather large assumption here. That, of course being that a woodchuck can even chuck wood. I suppose, since a woodchuck is actually another word for groundhog, even if a woodchuck could chuck wood, it probably wouldn't spend too much time chucking wood, because it has bigger things to worry about, like trying to predict the length of winter each year, or starring in movies with Bill Murray. If you are looking for someone to chuck wood for you, I recommend you seek the services of a beaver. Those guys seem like they might like chucking a little wood.
michael jordans son vegas party
I bet Michael Jordan is embarrassed that his 19 year-old son allegedly lost $50k at a Vegas casino recently. Back in his day, MJ could easily blow a mil in a couple hours.
emmy opener jimmy fallon glee
Even if you don't like Glee or Jimmy Fallon or Kate Gosselin or Betty White, you should still like this video. Well, actually, you probably won't like it then.
george clooney emmy sketch
Not to be outdone, George Clooney had this Emmy sketch with the cast of Modern Family. I guess sometimes being that good-looking just isn't enough for some people.
adult on youth football team
This guy had a pretty elaborate scam just to play some middle school football. In a way it's kind of impressive…okay, maybe not.
golf basketball trick shot
At some point, I get the feeling the well is going to run dry on basketball trick shots. Oh well, enjoy them while there's still some original ones left.

Manny being a miniature action figure!

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