August 3, 2010 - The Following War Has Been Cancelled

iraq war to end
Now, if you're anything like me and President Barack Obama, you aren't as excited about wars as someone like Sarah Palin. So, it comes as no surprise that Obama announced yesterday that combat in Iraq would be coming to an end at the end of this month. Now, what did come as a surprise was the news that Iraq still existed. I totally forgot about that it in Afghanistan somewhere?
bp tests to permanent plug well
BP is ready to begin operation static kill and seal the damaged well that has been gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the past 3+ months…well, make that almost ready. It turns out they still have to run some more tests before thye seal up the well for good. If the tests go well, they can then do tests to see if they can test the tests that will test the validity of the static kill, and they should have this thing all sealed up within the next decade.
maxine waters ethics
It's been a bad week for Democratic representatives and their ethical decisions, it would seem. Well, maybe they haven't made any more unethical choices recently, but they sure seem to be getting caught more frequently these days. The latest is California rep Maxine Waters, who is charged with getting bailout funds for a bank with ties to her husband. Surprisingly, Waters denied the charges, which if I'm not mistaken, is typically the first step in the recovery process.
ozzie guillen latin players
Ozzie Guillen feels that Latino players are generally not treated as well as other players, namely their Asian counterparts, in their transition to the major leagues. The White Sox said that Ozzie has the right to his opinion, as incorrect as it may be. One must also remember that it's very possible that his players rarely understand anything he says, so Ozzie may have been saying something much different and we would never know. (What is it with guys named Ozzie and being unintelligible anyways?)
russian heat wave wildfires
Go ahead and read this entire article about the deadly heatwave in Russia, how it is leading to deadly wildfires and smog, and how it may convince the Russians that global warming and climate change are real. However, I will just tell you everything you need to know right now, and this comes straight from the article: over 1,200 Russians drowned in June when they flocked to a place they are very unfamiliar with: the beach.

matthew perry defends ross
You think the name of the show Friends was just a clever name? Those guys still got each others back…not sure if they still hang out for hours at that coffee shop every day though.
palin says obama has no cojones
You know, for someone who hates immigrants, or, uh, sorry, doesn't like illegal immigration, Sarah Palin sure has a large Spanish vocabulary.
vanilla ice nearly drowns
I'm almost more surprised to see a story about Vanilla Ice surviving a failed car stunt gone wrong than if he had not been so lucky…sad stuff.
uga party school
The University of Georgia is the top party school in the nation…according to some completely arbitrary, meaningless list.
italy too italian?
Some people think Italy is too Italian to sustain itself. Not sure if there is an easy solution for that problem, unfortunately.

I don't know what this DVD is about, and I don't care. One look at the cover, and I know that I must enter the House of Saddam!

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  1. TBN #1: Did you see that CNN is carrying a story about the idea of Obama/Clinton ticket in 2012.

    It made me giggle.

    A lot.



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