August 23, 2010 - The US Makes It Reign in Spain!

us basketball defeats spain
It was a rematch of the epic Olympic basketball gold medal battle from 2008 in name only, given how many big names were not playing in this version of United States-Spain, but it still nearly lived up to the drama of that game 2 years ago. The stakes were certainly not as high, but that didn't seem to matter much as Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and the rest of the American youngsters edged out the Spaniards on their home court in a warmup for next month's World Championships. The only question now is what LeBron James thought about the game. Fortunately, he will announce his feelings on the contest in a live television special airing this Wednesday evening on ESPN.

US basketball
legbamel asks…
Q: Did Miley Cyrus turn eighteen and that's why she's dressed like a biker slut on her new album cover?
A: Here are the facts on young "Miley." No, she is not 18, she is still 17 until November. Her real name is actually Destiny Hope Cyrus, which explains why she doesn't go by her real name, but fails to explain why anyone would ever want to be called "Miley." Now, the most important piece to the puzzle: her dad is one-hit wonder country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus, who is best known for his all-time Hall of Fame mullet, and a horrendous song about achy breaky hearts. With that in mind, it's really miraculous that the young Cyrus has been as successful as she has. You would have never thought Billy Ray Cyrus' kid would end up being this much more popular than Vanilla Ice's.
most expensive public school
Hey guys, when they talk about spending more on education, I am pretty sure they didn't mean to spend absurd amounts on the actual school buildings.
world's cheapest gas
If the only thing you really care about in life is cheap gas, then you may want to move to Venezuela or Iran. If you care about stuff like human rights, then stay right where you are.
nfl player tries to name kids
This isn't really fair. 7 kids are hard to remember. Although, I bet if you ask Antonio Cromartie to name every chick he's ever been with, he'd have a lot more fun with that answer.
gong lake golf shot
Okay, even if you don't like golf, this one is worth watching just for the accents.
yellowstone bear alert
FYI. This article is written just in case you don't already know obvious stuff like "the world is round" or "the sky is blue." Add "bears eat people" to that list.

They might not ever beat the U.S. in basketball, but they did win the World Cup this year, so you can still wear this Spain World Cup soccer tee with pride, unless you live in the U.S. where no one will know what it even means.


  1. Okay, first: Vanilla Ice has a kid? [horrified] What board okayed his happy ass to breed? And second: thanks for the answer. Had Disney not taken miss smiley in hand and pretended not to exploit her cuteness and mediocre voice I suspect she'd have been as big a joke musically as her father. Without the mullet, I hope.

  2. Oh my goodness. Miley should totally bring back the mullet as a tribute to her dad. Whatever, I think we all forgot about her once Bieber came along anyways, right?


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