August 21-22, 2010 - fresh weekend (BLOGGER ?s) knowledge

TheBoo says...
Q: What are the advantages of dating a soldier?
A: Well, you can probably make the assumption that they are employed. They probably won't cheat on you with someone from work. Although, if they do, then you really have some issues to work with. I'd also be worried about them sneaking around wearing all that camo gear, unless you're into that kind of thing. You also have to make sure you get the right type of soldier. You don't want to end up with the Kellen Winslow-soldier, a No Limit soldier, or worse yet, mistakenly end up with a soulja such as Soulja Boy. While he could entertain you with his childish dances, that is about the extent of his usefulness.

who would you DATE
DeRexBowles says...
Q: Explain why I am so awesome.
A: It really doesn't matter why you are awesome. Actually, it doesn't matter if you really are awesome. Perception is reality, so if you believe that you are awesome, then you are as awesome as you need to be. For further explanation, please consult the videos of Stuart Smalley, who used to conduct daily affirmation sessions with celebrities. To find an example of what is and is not awesome, consult the Chris Farley show.
BarryFromTexas says...
Q: Why do people think starting a statement with explain is a question?
A: I may be wrong, but I think it is probably a just a more casual, less-polite way of saying something like "[Dearest sir, would you please] explain..." While this may come across as rude or pushy in some cases, it is important to remember not to try to guess how something written is being said. Just imagine as though everything you read on the internet is being read by actor Billy Bob Thornton as seen in the movie Slingblade. That should help you come to grips with such situations.
Kaja says...
Q: Why do some woodland creatures choose to live in trees?
A: Well, Kaja, given that the creatures are known as "woodland" creatures, I have to imagine they are known for habitating in areas with a large amount of trees, so really, they don't have much choice as to where they live: it's the trees or the ground. The bigger question is why do some squirrels decide to live in large cities or urban areas? Do they mistakenly believe that humans are hoarding acorns somewhere within these highly-populated areas? Or are some humans actually hoarding large amounts of acorns?
Hankmann says...
Q: Explain how the advances in media social networking have hurt real world social networking.
A: Hank, there is nothing to explain here, because there has been no detrimental effect on real world social networking with the emergence of media social networking. In fact, it might even allow you or I to have conversations with people that we would normally never associate with. On the downside, it allows strong, beautiful women like Sarah Palin to voice their opinions to the world on a regular basis...and worse yet, it allows us to find out that there are actually a lot of people out there who actually listen to her.
AndrewGCarson says...
Q: Why are rhetorical questions more fun to answer?
A: It's quite simple. It's human nature for people to want to hear themselves talk. If they were allowed to, they would have conversations with themselves all day long, which is essentially what a rhetorical question allows them to do. Unfortunately, when you ask a rhetorical question in the presence of others, their first instinct is to answer the question, and tell you exactly why your viewpoints are counterintuitive and illogical, and why theirs are right. So, I guess that just about says it all, doesn't it?
captNaj says...
Q: If you were Unimpeachable Czar for Life of the Planet Earth, what are 3 changes you would make in the first hour?
A: 1. Change my title to something cool like "The Omnipotent and Invincible Force who Shall not be Mentioned" 2. I would order all Burger King restaurants destroyed immediately. 3. I would hire Sarah Palin to work as my court jester, complete with jester costume. On occassion, I would like her to also perform as one of those silver mimes.
Ladygoodwood says...
Q: Why does the North American derivative of English have different spelling of some words? Australia, South Africa et al have same spellings as UK. 
A: Ms. Goodwood, when we here in the US threw all the Brits' tea in the ocean and told those RedCoats to get the hell out about 235 years ago, we also decided that there were a few things we didn't like about the language. We agreed to still call it English, but we wanted to use the letter z a lot more, so words like realise became realize. We also thought words like centre looked a little too French for us, so we just moved that e back one space. With that being said, we still love your accents and wish we had more of them over here. Also, thanks for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but please take back that Beckham dude and his wife-thing.
EmmaMurty says...
Q: Why did the scientist on TV say last night that the Earth now officially has 5 moons?
A: Whoa. A scientist on TV? First of all, if there was a scientist on TV, it probably wasn't a real scientist. Those guys are too busy filling up beakers and looking through microscopes to engage in our silly pasttimes like television. Second of all, if there is a scientist on TV, there is no reason to watch him. If you want to learn, turn off the television and go read a book.
Shiley says...
Q: Imagine, if you will, today is the last day of your life that you remember. Tomorrow, you wake up with only the memories of yesterday for the rest of your life. What would you do?
A: I think they made a movie about this. It was called Memento. It was critically acclaimed, but it really kinda freaked me out, but that was because it was in reverse chronological order. I guess it depends on how you read the question, though, because in a way, it also reminds me of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, which is an undisputed classic. I guess if it was me, I would write down a lot of fake information about myself to really boost my self-confidence when I forgot about all my previous mishaps.

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  1. You are a very clever bloke Konway, lol, very funny answers and also very well informed answers truly the mark of a genius at work. I think what Ems was on about is 4 asteroids caught in the gravitational pull of the Earth now orbit it in the same manner as the Moon so therefore have recently been classified as moons with stupid names like wgt51.

  2. Another fantastic post Konway! Great job.

  3. Fun questions, fun answers, plus an all-around fun idea. Nice one, Konway!

  4. Awesome post! Too bad I was running around like crazy and couldn't ask a question.
    I sure hope you won't try to change me because I'm "too French" though! ;)

  5. I agree that scientists are way too busy wasting money on solving the rubiks cube or discovering buckyballs in space to appear on tv.

  6. - Emma Murty needs to find more interesting TV programming.
    - French-Canadians are not as French as they want to think they are...just ask the French.
    - Scientists think they are so smart, don't they?

    Glad that you guys seemed to enjoy. I enjoy this format more than posting links, so hopefully I can continue this for upcoming weekends. Thanks!

  7. This is a great post and blog. Glad I decided to take a chance and come over here. Thank your witty name for that.

  8. LOL, very funny and cool blog post Konway and it was like 3am when that show was on, I was sitting up with Drew cause he hadn't slept in like three weeks with his insomnia. My choice was either a show about science or smiley people trying to sell me crap I don't need, lol.

  9. How about French Canadian with a French Grandpa (and thus a French citizenship)? *laughs*

  10. LOL - well am very grateful to have the tea back as I drink gallons of the stuff. However we gave you Mrs Beckham on 'sale of no return'. My only suggestion is you do to her what you did to our tea and chuck her in the drink! (drink - English colloquiallism for ocean)

    Because of you lot, Great Britain has a surplus of vowels particularly letter 'U's' everywhere! Every blog post I write has to be stupendously colourful and adventurously creative - to get rid of as many of the blooming things as possible!!!!

    giggles - well done, great post!

  11. This whole thing was absolutely hilarious.


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