July 8, 2010 - Can Spain Make It Reign?

spain defeats germany
While it was sure looking like the continent of South America was going to run the table at the world's biggest "football" tournament heading into the Final 8, the remaining Europeans had a different idea. That idea was, well...I guess they just wanted to win the tournament themselves, and after yesterday's match, the countries of Spain and Netherlands will have a chance to fulfill all the wildest fantasies of their countrymen by winning their first World Cup on Sunday...the losers, meanwhile, will return home as massive disappointments.
miami signs wade bosh
While the real show doesn't begin until tomorrow night at 9pm ET (literally, that's when the television special on LeBron's free agency decision begins) the opening act was performed on Wednesday as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joined forces in Miami. Now, if only they can convince enough players to join them to field a team, they might win a few games next year. If not, they'll have a great time after home games.
wall street rally
Remember all that talk last week about the return of the recession here in America? Yeah, well, scratch all that. The recession will not be televised (LeBron's Decision still will be though) and it is apparently off again, as the Dow rallied almost 275 points yesterday over the news that people really don't know what the market is supposed to do, and some wise octopus predicted it would go up.
grim sleeper serial killer
A serial killer who killed 11 people in the Los Angeles area over a period from 1985 to 2007 has been arrested. The man, Lonnie Franklin, Jr., was nicknamed the Grim Sleeper because he apparently took a 14-year break in between killings. Now, either he spent all that time sleeping, or this nickname is really a stretch. Either way, I guess it's a good thing they caught him.
disney lawsuit
Executives at Disney were ordered to pay almost $270 million in unpaid royalties to the original creators of the popular television program "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" It turns out Disney's strategy of sending Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other large cartoon mascots to the stand was not enough for to convince the jury of Disney's innocence.

one man one room 40 snakes
Did we mention the snakes are venomous?

us most isolated family
Seriously? If you are so isolated, then what exactly are you doing on the frontpages of one of the world's most-read news websites?
prostitute with bad teeth
Apparently, even people that pay for sex have their standards.
mom taken hostage by son
If you're still counting on your mom to iron your clothes at age 29, I guess it's not shocking that you would take her hostage if she doesn't help you out.
running of the bulls pictures
What's the next best thing to actually attending the Running of the Bulls? Well, anything is probably better…but you can check these pictures if you have any interest.

I honestly thought Spanish Fly was some type of complex fishing lure when I looked this up. So, if you were under the same impression, you are in for a surprise.

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  1. What is it about the human condition that attracts us to look at something we know will repulse us? I loathe snakes, yet if I go to a wildlife park, I have to do the reptile house - do I secretly enjoy squirming??
    So of course I had to click on the link for man with 40 snakes, and oh goodie, another English odd ball.

    Spanish fly - been around in the UK for donkeys years and the butt of many jokes. My husband was in the Metroploitan Police for 30 years and did a stint on Vice. Whilst a lot of it was exploiting and seedy, other stuff was side splittingly hilarious. It is quite alarming the lengths (pun intended) some men will go to in trying to attract the opposite sex. Perhaps you may want to review vacuum extensions if amazon stock them!!! he brought one lot home and we propogated cucumbers in them. My mother-in-law asked where we got the propogator as she would like one!!!

    Smiles always.


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