July 6, 2010 - That's Amare (Not LeBron!)

amare stoudemire new york
Well, he's not LeBron, but I guess Amare Stoudemire is certainly considered a better player than anyone else currently on the Knicks roster…well, probably, especially if David Lee decides to leave. So, there you go, New York, something to look forward to, a guy who's career has been primarily defined by the Canadian MVP point guard he plays with. At least he can't do as much damage to the franchise as Isiah Thomas or Steph Marbury did, right?
toronto blackout queen
Queen Elizabeth was in Toronto last evening, just in time for an intense heat wave which lead to a transformer fire and a major blackout hitting the city. I mean, you go to Canada, you expect a culture that is maybe a little behind the times, but you still hope for electricity, and you certainly don't pack for 100 degree temps.
bob probert dies
Legendary NHL tough-guy/bad boy/other name for guy who beats people up Bob Probert died yesterday while on a boat celebrating the holiday weekend with his family. I don't want to be the one to rain on someone's funeral, but I have to say this news came across as sad, but not completely shocking. I mean, this is the same guy that was caught crossing the Canadian border with cocaine years ago, and spent more time in the penalty box than on the ice during his career, right?
bobby fischer exhumed
In another strange twist in the life and death of former chess champion Bobby Fischer, his body was exhumed yesterday in Iceland to perform a paternity test. I don't know about you, but from the looks of Fischer before his death, I'd be praying for Maury to pop out and say "Bobby Fischer, you are NOT the father!"
iphone app store hacked
As if Apple didn't have enough problems to go along with their insane popularity and wealth, now it appears someone has hacked the iPhone app store, making some useless apps from some dude named Thuat Nguyen dominate the list of most popular apps. If I knew anything about this, I would compare it to something else, but I don't, so I might as well just compare apps to oranges.

lady lives with corpses
Apparently, this lady watched the Weekend at Bernie's series a few too many times on Pay-Per-View.
ebooks take longer to read
This story must have been written by the paper industry lobby.
viagara leads to stds
There is no direct link between Viagara and STD's per se, but let's just say it leads some people to spread their drug-enhanced wild oats in some bad places.

taiwanese al gore reenactment
There are no words to explain this video, only a bunch of Taiwanese symbols.

angry women in workplace
Hell hath no fury like a woman who has just discovered her glass ceiling.

You can wait for the new Knicks version of the Amare Stoudemire bobblehead, or you could just search for the pre-major reconstructive knee surgery Amare bobblehead. That one's probably worth a lot more...but don't tell New York!

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