July 5, 2010 - Putting the Kibosh on Kobayashi!

kobayashi arrested
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The one-time seemingly invincible, strangely slender hot-dog eating phenom from Japan known simply as Kobayashi was arrested at the event he once ruled without being allowed to even compete, due to contractual issues. All in all, it was really a tragic scene, unless you are a Republican from Arizona, in which case there is no better way to spend 4th of July than watching a foreigner get arrested while trying to eat hot dogs.
nadal wins wimbledon
It doesn't really seem to matter what the tournament is these days. Just plug Rafa Nadal's name in front of it and hand him the trophy. Nadal, who spent most of last year recovering from injuries, is apparently back, climbing up on the same slope that Roger Federer is currently sliding down.
oil skimmer results
You really can't make this stuff up any more. BP's newest effort at cleaning up the Gulf oil spill: send out a massive cargo ship named "A Whale" which picks up 21 million gallons of water from the surface daily and then separate the oil from the water. At this point, if successful, it should only take approximately 4,200 years to clean up the entire ocean. Key words there: if successful.
mexican election
While we celebrate Cinco de Mayo here in the United States, the Mexicans spend Cuatro de Julio there going to the polls and participating in various elections. This year's elections have been marred by violence, assassinations, fraud, and candidates being arrested. That being said, it's still widely believed that most candidates there have slightly higher moral standards than their counterparts in the U.S.
missing boy stepmom murder plot
The stepmother of the little boy missing in Oregon allegedly tried to pay her landscaper a lot of money to kill the boy's father a few months back. Of course, this doesn't technically make her a suspect in the boy's disappearance…but, I guess I wouldn't be shocked if it turns out she had something to do with the whole thing.

illegal fireworks blow man's arm off
Listen, I'm not saying that all illegal fireworks will blow your arm off…but the probability of blowing your arm off does go down dramatically when you don't play with illegal fireworks.
shark bites man's arm
Oh, and if you happen to catch a shark while fishing, I don't care how small it is, cut the line, head your boat towards land, and stay there for a while (away from fireworks.)

scuba diving russian dachshund
Don't worry animal lovers, I'm sure this dog loves putting on full scuba gear and going swimming.

robot companions
I'm pretty sure everyone has known this ever since that Small Wonder sitcom hit the air in the 80's.
queen of england is cheap
Apparently, it only costs British citizen $1/year each to support the Queen…which kinda makes you want to get your own queen, doesn't it?

Ever wonder who decided to make the first hot dog, or how they are actually made? If so, I recommend you just forget about it if you ever want to eat one again. If you are still curious, enjoy your last hot dog, then get this book.

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