July 3-4, 2010 - fresh INDEPENDENCE weekend knowledge!

grill injuries
Have a great Independence Day weekend, but look out for any potential alien invaders, and be careful with that grill! Nothing ruins a holiday weekend faster than a severe burn.
central perk in china
Surprise, surprise! Just like the rest of the world, everyone in China loves the TV show Friends...just don't tell them it ended over 10 years ago.
lindsey lohan punched by waitress
How far has Lindsey Lohan fallen? You see a headline that she got punched by a waitress, and it barely intrigues me any more. I still love Mean Girls though.
why america calls it soccer
Good question. Why are we the only ones on the earth who refer to the game as soccer? Is it just a made up word?
vietnam releases rapists
Apparently, it's quite easy to get a conviction turned over in Vietnam. You just have to have a good acupuncturist.
chris henry brain damage
I kept seeing this headline and figuring that Chris Henry died from brain damage sustained during his fall from a moving truck...but it turns out his brain damage was from a more natural cause: professional football.

cars for blind drivers
I'm all for cars for blind drivers...as long as they get their own roads too. They can even share with texting drivers.

paris hilton arrested in south africa
I guess Paris Hilton was in South Africa watching the World Cup and smoking some drugs…no wait, the person with her was smoking all the drugs…Paris had no idea.
funny sex ed posters
Yes, sex ed posters are always funny...but these ones are particularly humorous, I guess.
schwarzenegger on the economy
Why does Arnold have have a way of making everything so simple...and so exercise-related?

Come on, man, it ain't Independence Day without Will Smith, President Bill Pullman, Randy Quaid and a bunch of crazy aliens.

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  1. I loved MeanGirls.

    The bus scenes get me every time.



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