July 2, 2010 - $ummer $lowdown

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economic recovery slows
Summer is supposed to be happy time, right? I mean, the weather is warm, everything is green, Independence Day is just days away, and only relatively small parts of the ocean contain oil. Well, it appears all that only serves to distract us from what is going on with the economy, as some fear we are heading for another dip into the recession pool. Speaking of which, a dip in the pool sounds like a good way to cool down from this summer heat...see, there it goes again.
immigration reform debate
I am not sure if this is exactly what President Obama signed up for nearly two years ago. Between health care, finance reform, oil spills, and that immigration debate emanating from the desert of Arizona, the hits just keep on coming. It appears that he has another fight on his hand as the aforementioned immigration reform comes back to the forefront, and it seems the battle could get pretty heated between xenophobes and illegal aliens.
phil jackson to return
In what I am sure is a refreshing break for some people, the big NBA news of the day has to do with a 64 year-old man. Phil Jackson plans on returning to coach the 2-time defending champion Lakers next year, to give him time to figure out where Lebron will be next year, so he can move on to the next team with the best player and win a few more easy rings. Looks like we got a Lebron reference in there after all....better get used to it.
world cup quarterfinals
It's another big day tomorrow in South Africa, as the world's largest soccer tournament "kicks" back up again. But if the reports out of the area are any indication, it appears Germany and Argentina are already getting pretty pumped up for a rematch of a heated German victory in 2006. I don't know about you, but for my money, there's nothing more entertaining than two countries trash talking each other in the press in different languages.
jaycee dugard payment
Call me crazy, but for being kidnapped, imprisoned and held as a sexual captive in a makeshift compound in a convicted rapist and kidnappers backyard, while state authorities can't manage to find anything suspicious about the whole situation, I think California's payment of $20 million to Jaycee Dugard is the least they could do. Honestly, the least.

peewee herman returns
Forget all that Twilight nonsense. A real box office hero that has been wrongfully ignored for nearly two decades is finally making a comeback.

small amount thefts add up
Attention Office Space fans: these guys put the decimal place in the right place and everything, but in the end, while it may feel good to be a gangster, they are probably going to federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.
flying cars
It appears a dream of billions of people worldwide is closer than ever to becoming a reality.
duke of germany arrested
Sure, it's humorous what this guy is accused of, but the police are going to feel real dumb if it turns out this guy is actually who he claims to be.
blago 400k on clothes
Oh, Blago, if you spent more money on your suits during your time in office than you did on your mortgage, I won't even venture a guess at how much you spent on that beautiful hair!

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