July 1, 2010 - The NBA's Most Wanted

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nba free agency lebron
All the waiting is finally over! By that I mean that cities across America will now wait and see if Lebron James (and friends) will leave his current team to become the chosen one to lead their city out of NBA darkness to the ultimate glory of a championship. The only thing to remember during this next month of free agent insanity, is that even if your team gets Lebron, I'm pretty sure they are still going to make them play the entire season before giving him the trophy.
hurricane alex landfall
While this story is getting quite a bit of press, it's really not clear what effect the first hurricane of the season in the Atlantic will have on the oil spill in the Gulf Coast. For all we know, BP could come out with a statement tomorrow telling us that the hurricane was more effective in slowing down the oil spill than they have been over the past 2.5 months.
roger federer loses at wimbledon
The King isn't dead, but it's possible that he may have begun a sharp descent from his throne. Roger Federer struggled in his first round match on grass this year, but still managed to make it to the quarterfinals where he was subsequently dispatched in impressive fashion by a young Czech who shall remain nameless. Maybe our buddy Fed is just trying to make Gillette commercial-mate Tiger Woods feel better about not having won anything in a while?
anna chapman beautiful spy
If there is one thing that no red-blooded American male can resist, it's a beautiful female with a Russian accent. Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are prime examples, and now we have a young lady named Anna Chapman, who was recently arrested in connection with the alleged Russian spy ring. There's just something about these chicks that I guess makes the Cold War seem, well, not so cold.
scott brown backroom deal finance reform
Remember that guy in Massachussets that the Tea Party supported and everyone voted for believing that he was not your typical politician, and he was going to change how business is done in Washington. Well, either he was just joking about all that, or maybe he just didn't realize how fun Washington politics can really be.

america's fattest states
Somehow, these people have managed to narrow down a list of America's fattest states to less than 50.

hottest wags world cup
Use your imagination to figure out what WAG stands for (or I could just tell you: wives and girlfriends) and check out just how popular soccer players really are across the world.
nigeria suspends entire soccer team
In a move to re-energize the soccer program in his country, Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan decided to suspend the entire team. Maybe they would have done better if he hadn't monopolized all the country's Goodluck.
louisiana man steals duck
So, a guy went down to the local park, stole a duck, and then…well, you can read the story to find out if what you are thinking is what really happened.
municipal exec makes 400k
To be fair, this guy was doing the work of 10 men, but to be even more fair, 1 municipal employee is not worth nearly what this guy thinks they are.

Are you a witness? A witness to Lebron getting the hell out of Cleveland before the entire city floats off into Lake Erie?

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