June 30, 2010 - A Total Eclipse of Movie Quality!

twilight eclipse premiere
Tweens and tween-wannabes lined up for hours and hours to catch the midnight premiere of the latest movie in the vampire saga known as Twilight. The latest movie is known as Eclipse, and for all I know it is about a bunch of teenage kids parading around town, occasionally turning into vampires or werewolves, and falling in love with each other. Not really my scene...I guess I'd just rather see Jonah Hill get in the way of a potential John C. O'Reilly-Marissa Tomei romance.
larry king steps down
After 25 years, and nearly 100 failed marriages, it appears Larry King is stepping down from his television interview show on CNN in the fall. This should qualify as the first, but certainly not the last time that a 76 year-old man retires to spend more time with his young children.
south carolina college world series champs
While Wimbledon and the World Cup continue abroad with minimal American presence, the College World Series was taking place right here in the heartland this whole time, and really, what's more American than a bunch of kids from South Carolina with a rooster mascot knocking a baseball around with aluminum bats? One thing is for certain: the people of South Carolina love their 'Cocks (that's short for Gamecocks...come on!)
stocks take big hit
While the financial reform bill here in the U.S. seems to be gaining some momentum with an agreement to end TARP in place, the stock market dropped like a rock on fears that the global economic crisis was worsening. Either that, or traders all headed out to stand in line for that Twilight movie and forgot to pull all their Sell orders.
world cup final 8
The Final 8 has been determined in this edition of the World Cup, and it involves 4 South American countries, 3 European countries and 1 African nation. So, while they will still play out the remaining games, as far as we are concerned here in the U.S., Brazil has already won, Pele is the MVP of the tournament, and we still can't figure out why anyone would play a sport without their hands.

atheist billboard vandalized
Surprisingly, atheists cared enough about their religious non-beliefs to make a billboard. Not surprisingly, some peaceful Christian activists vandalized it.
steve carell leaving the office
While it's possible that The Office jumped the proverbial shark a couple years back, it will officially jump all the sharks next year when Steve Carell leaves his post as World's Best Boss.
taco stand machete
Forget about handgun bans, have we considered banning machetes?
man who tried to sell baby beaten
It turns out that even hardened criminals find it reprehensible to try and sell a 6-month old baby outside of Walmart.

world's ugliest dogs
Like even the ugliest of people, ugly dogs seem to have a charm all their own.

Whether you love Twilight, or you hate it, this shirt is the perfect way to declare that love, or to just make fun of everyone else that loves it so much. Either way, it's a win-win.

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