June 29, 2010 - A Byrd No Longer In Hand

robert byrd death aftermath
As has happened so often over the past couple of years, a minor event is causing major trouble for the Democratic party here in the United States. This time it is the death of West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd that is leading to Dem headaches, and weakening their tenuous much-maligned majority…which is crazy, because a lot of people didn't realize West Virginia was more than just part of a John Denver song.
russian spy ring
The FBI has broken up an alleged ring of Russian spies that were sent to the U.S. by the Russian's intelligence agency, known as the SVR, in order to gather information on U.S. intelligence. Apparently, Russia never got the memo that the Cold War ended over 20 years ago...and global warming should prevent it from starting back up for a while.
handgun ban chicago overturned
In a major victory for gun nuts/2nd amendment proponents across the country, the Supreme Court overturned a handgun ban in the city of Chicago yesterday. The conservative majority ruled that individuals have equal or greater rights than states on the issue of possession of fire-arms for self-protection. So, the good news is that in the rare instance that you actually have the chance to use a handgun in self-defense, you can now do so legally. The bad news is that there now may be the need to protect yourself from people carrying weapons legally much more often.
kagan confirmation hearings begin
Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings began yesterday, and like all other things in modern-day politics, they were extremely partisan. Liberal congressmen touted her credentials and abilities, while Repubs kept bringing up that one softball picture from the New York Times. They failed to note that she hit over .400 that year with 20 HR's.
fifa bans stadium replays
While many people are urging soccer's governing body to consider using instant replay, FIFA has decided to go the exact opposite direction, and not let anyone at all use instant replay. So, as far as you know, the refs didn't blow the call…every other person watching the game in the stadium and across the world probably just missed whatever the ref saw.

third depression underway
If you are one of the few people who really enjoys economic uncertainty, or you are just a huge fan of the Great Depression, then you might like this article.
what is a vision board
CNN goes straight hippie style, thanks to something callled a vision board. I'm serious, don't look at this one unless you lived through the 1960's.
This lady fell 3 stories out of her apartment window into her car, got up, walked into her neighbor's house, and fell asleep. Strangely enough, she's not even a college student.
bowhunting wedding
I wonder who these people voted for in the last election.
drunk people with kids
This post is today's winner for most heartwarming story of the day. We also give the parents in the story an honorary nomination for Parents of the Year.

So, you want to be a real explorer? Head to the mountains of West Virginia with this book in hand, and see if you can negotiate your way through a land filled with mountain men. Just know if they offer you a hamburger, it's probably not made from cow.

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