wc,t WORLD CUP Preview - The FINAL OCHO

We are down to the final EIGHT teams in the huge soccer tournament going on in South Africa. It appears that the continent of South America should be the ultimate winner, with 4 of 8 teams coming from that land mass, and almost the entire region represented. Anyways, what better time to update our analysis of the tournament with a preview of these final 8 teams using our scant, limited knowledge of the sport. Analysis includes Team Name, Current Odds, Country GDP, and some brief analysis. Use this information wisely.

1. Brazil (2.5:1, $1,580B) - The one-named wonders have proven effective thus far. I guess they will do anything to stay away from the crazy flooding going on in Brazil.
2. Germany (7:1, $3,650B) - If these guys win, it will be Oktoberfest in July all across Germany! So, of course, they REALLY want to win.
3. Spain (4:1, $1,600B) - Two players named Xavi and Xavi Alonso. I hope this doesn't confuse them as much as it confuses me.
4. Argentina (3.5:1, $328.5B) - So, it's been established that their coach, soccer legend Diego Maradona, is a loose cannon, a la Ozzie Guillen. It has not been determined whether this is a positive or negative factor for the Argentines.
5. Netherlands (7:1, $871B) - Have resisted the urge to wear wooden shoes so far. Need to remember also not to engage in traditional Amsterdam leisure time activities in between matches.
6. Ghana (33:1, $16.7B) - Normally, a win over the U.S. would be impressive for such a little country...in just about anything but soccer.
7. Uruguay (14:1, $32.2B) - Has to be annoying to make it this far, and people still can't tell the difference between you and Paraguay.
8. Paraguay (33:1, $16.0B) - Imagine if Paraguay and Uruguay joined forces as one team called "Guay." They might actually have a realistic chance.

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