July 31-August 1, 2010 - IDOL fresh weekend knowledge

simon cowell tv debut
It's a special weekend edition of (almost) all videos, many with an American Idol flavor. We start with some vintage video of that briilliant Brit, Simon Cowell.

randy jackson mastering the groove
Yo, dog, if you want to master the groove, you gotta slay it, and remember not to be pitchy!
paula abdul drunk interview
She may not be drunk, but she is using some type of mind-altering substances, and it leads to some classic interview material.
renaldo lapuz i am your brother
Arguably the greatest performance in the 9-season history of the show.
pants on the ground
While it may have been played out and over-exposed, the message of General Larry Platt still hits home in many communities.
jimmy fallon as william hung
If you ask me, Jimmy Fallon plays William Hung better than William Hung does.
rep anthony weiner gets fired up
Alright, off that Idol tip, we switch to a Congressman who acts like he just got denied a ticket to Hollywood.
grocery store moonwalker
Don't blink, or you'll miss this brilliant piece of moonwalking through your local grocery store.
pilot pretends to faint
There's nothing more hilarious than tricking your friend into thinking he is about to die in a fiery plane crash.
blago and me pics
Try to look at these and NOT get jealous...go ahead, try, yeah, I couldn't do it either!

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