July 29, 2010 - Immigration-Friendly 'Zona!

arizona immigration ruling
A judge decided yesterday that central provisions in the controversial immigration law in Arizona could not go into effect while she finished hearing the case. It almost certainly signals a defeat for Arizona's racial profilers, and could set up a lengthy ongoing court battle as Arizona will likely appeal any ruling against them. So, stay tuned as state lawmakers continue to focus on the important issues that you really care about. I'm sure all those budget problems will go away eventually anyways.
afghanistan leak suspect
The Pentagon is reportedly focusing on a jailed Army Pfc. as the main suspect in the case of the wikileaks classified document leak. Of course, who knows what the Pentagon is really doing or planning. As far as we know, they could be waterboarding whoever really did it as we speak. I suppose we'll find out when wikileaks gets their hands on the next set of documents.
california wildfires
Please forgive me if this sounds insensitive, but is there ever a time when there are not wildfires raging in California? It doesn't appear so, although, a lot of people in the state would probably gladly take the wildfires over Lindsay Lohan on the loose.
spain bullfighting ban
Well, animal rights activists got what they wanted as bullfighting has been banned in the Catalina province of Spain much to the dismay of both bullfighting fans, and people who generally hate either bulls or bullfighters.
new kindle introduced
Amazon has introduced their newest Kindle product, which will feature WiFi, and will be priced at around $139, or $189 with 3G. The product is believed to be a move to fend off competition from the higher-priced, multipurpose iPad. Of course, if Amazon was smart, they could just trick consumers by calling it an iKindle.

deadly bear attacks in montana
Bear attack stories rarely have happy endings.

best soccer celebration ever
I'd have to agree with the title of this one. Nice catch.
player burns unlucky bats
Mark Teahen burned Mark Kotsay's unlucky baseball bats for him recently. Because, you know, those Marks gotta stick together.
clinton 3 million dollar wedding
If you remember Chelsea when she was much younger, I'm sure Bill would have considered him lucky to only pay $3 million for someone to marry her.
lebron vegas story pulled espn
Apparently, LeBron got paid 6 figures to go hang out in Vegas for 3 days. I know, it's outrageous…a lot of people end up spending that much to do the same thing.

Get your guidebook. You can now officially head back to Arizona without carrying your immigration papers.

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