July 28, 2010 - War Funds Approved!

congress approves war funds
Listen, I know how silly it seemed when we debated over and over for months on end about how to make healthcare more affordable for more people, so it's good to see our government back to spending money on more reasonable things like wars with no end in sight. With all the hype over the recently leaked classified documents, maybe they should just start selling rights to those docs to pay for all this...or maybe they already have?
chevy volt pricing
Just recently, it seemed like we were discussing the end of days in Detroit as GM, Ford and Chrysler all seemed to be heading for an untimely demise. Well, GM is technically now owned by the United States government, but still they may be turning a corner with the planned release of the Chevy Volt, which apparently will be priced in line with Toyota's Prius, making one of the most anticipated automobile releases ever. GM also claims, unlike the Prius, the Volt's brakes should work.
bell ca govt official pay controversy
Something sneaky is going on in a small town in California. I mean, something crazy is always going on somewhere in California, but this seems to be a particularly interesting story. It seems the local government in the town of Bell, CA may have been conspiring through voter fraud and other illegal activities to pay themselves obscene salaries. Apparently, a city manager of a town of 36,000 should not be making twice what the President of the United States makes.
smartphone jailbreak ruling
Okay, I'm going to make this easy to understand. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone (or any other smartphone, I guess) the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress said that it is permissible under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. So, if you know what that means, and how to do it, you can do it no matter what Steve Jobs and the rest of Apple tell you.
bp earnings announced
I will say this about working at BP these days. It must be interesting. On Tuesday, the new CEO-in-waiting, the first American to hold the post, announced the company's blueprint for emerging from the depths of the current Gulf spill crisis. They also announced that they lost $17.1B last quarter. However, if you still believe that no press is bad press, BP has gotten an unbelievable amount of free advertising over the past 100 days.

alligator feeding frenzy
I don't know about you, but when I hear the words "alligator feeding frenzy video" I feel like I have no choice but to stop and watch.
nfl player too fat to play
Some rookies don't realize that there are certain traditions in the NFL that must be upheld, like you should probably get in shape if you want to be on the team.
fake marijuana illegal in il
Stop smoking all that oregano, you fake potheads, even fake marijuana is going to be illegal soon.
nyc restaurant brawl
Apparently, these guys thought this was a bar room in the Wild West, when it was really just an afternoon lunch in Manhattan.
hong kong forced shopping
People in Hong Kong take their tourism industry really seriously.

If you like war, then I have to imagine you'll like this book. If you don't, then maybe you should stop judging books by their cover (or title.)

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