July 24-25, 2010 - fresh SUMMER weekend knowledge

bear drives car
Is there anything better than an animal driving a car? No, there is not.
landis saw lance using steroids
How does he know that he wasn't injecting himself with vitamins or antibiotics…unless the syringe was marked with the words STEROIDS.
lindsay lohan effect on stocks
This seems like a long article that tries to connect Lindsay Lohan to the stock market…if that is something that interests you, then go ahead and enjoy.
airline sued for lost bag
In this often over-litigious culture, I actually side with the lady suing for 5 million dollars in this case. I think you will too.
longest tongue in the us
WARNING: this article contains graphic pictures of a really long tongue.
darth vader robs bank
Not nearly as crazy as the lady who robbed the McDonald's with her underwear on her face earlier this week.
facebook feud high speed crash
Seriously, you have to read this to believe how a Facebook fight for the affections of a prison inmate lead to a high-speed chase and crash.
passive response to fan on field
Maybe it was a hot night in Baltimore, or they had played an extra-innings game the night before, but security was either lazy or tired.
one jellyfish 100 people
I'm still trying to figure out how they figured out it was the same jellyfish that did all the damage.
mayoral debate virgin mary statue
What kind of country are we living in where you can't bring your Virgin Mary statue on stage for a mayoral debate.

Animals are hilarious...especially when they engage in human-like activities, like live in a house. Unfortunately, I believe this is movie has nothing to do with animals living in a house at all.

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